Wake Up With Whitty – 8/19/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  We’re heading into weekend number two of the NFL preseason, which is generally your best chance to see some extended playing time from the starting units on each team.  We’re also just one short week away from the start of the college football season.  As a fan of a sub-par MLB team, it’s a been a painfully long summer from a sports standpoint, but the wait is finally almost over.  To get mentally prepared I’ve gathered a collection of old remotes to practice throwing at the TV in anger during tonight’s Bengals/Chiefs matchup.  It’s preseason for the fans too you know, so study up on your favorite team’s roster and start practicing your obscenities that you’ll be screaming at its players on Saturdays/Sundays.  And once you’ve gotten that out of your system, come back here and leave some positive, uplifting comments about how great this week’s Wake Up With Whitty was.
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Countdown to Kickoff: 13 Days

13. Ohio State ranked 13th in the nation in points per game during the 2016 season. Ohio State’s 39.4 points per game were less than a touchdown shy of Western Kentucky’s 45.5, which led all teams. The Buckeyes exceeded the 60 point mark three times during the season, but they also failed to top 30 points on four occasions and required overtime to hit that mark in two others. It was feast or famine for the Buckeyes’ offense, and you never knew which OSU team was going to show up on any given Saturday. The Buckeyes were also aided by 7 defensive touchdowns during the year. The offensive weapons are there this year, but to have any chance of making it back to the college football playoff they’ll have to use them effectively. While a strong defense is a key component of a championship caliber team, you can’t rely on your defense for points if you hope to win it all.

Countdown to Kickoff: 14 Days

14. Ohio State’s last national title came just 3 short years ago following the 2014 season. That was the first year of the new college football playoff system. The year got off to a rough start with starting quarterback Braxton Miller re-injuring his surgically repaired shoulder in training camp, ending his season before it even began. Freshman quarterback JT Barrett was thrust into the starting role, but the Buckeyes stumbled out of the gate, losing at home to a mediocre Virginia Tech team during the second week of the season. While things were looking bleak at the time, Ohio State righted the ship and Barrett went on to have one of the greatest seasons for a quarterback in OSU history. Heading into the last game of the year against Michigan the Buckeyes were flying high, having climbed back up to #6 in the AP poll. Things once again took a turn for the worst when JT Barrett went down with a broken leg late in the game, ending his season as well. The outlook was not positive for the Buckeyes as they were essentially down to their third string quarterback heading into the Big 10 Championship game against Wisconsin. That all changed with a 59-0 OSU rout, and from there the Buckeyes went on to defeat Alabama and Oregon to become the first ever champion in the new College Football Playoff era. The 2014 season had its ups and downs, but will ultimately go down as one of the best seasons in OSU history.

Nati Boys #11: Football and Chicken Pox Don’t Mix


On today’s episode we start off with a little Reds talk, including Mez’s most recent injury, Joey Votto doing Joey Votto things, and Scooter taking the mound.  We move onto the Bengals pre-season ESPN power ranking.  We also get into some Miami Dolphins news/injury talk, a couple short basketball segments, and end it with a fantasy draft of things that are taller than Aaron Judge.

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Countdown to Kickoff: 16 Days

16. JT Barrett will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in Ohio State history. He already holds a number of Ohio State records, including career passing touchdowns (69), career completions (529) and total touchdowns responsible for in a career (100). If all goes well this year he could end up with several more by the season’s end, including career passing yards and career completion percentage. While Barrett has been inconsistent at times, part of the blame for that falls on the offensive line and the play calling. A new offensive coordinator and a more experienced line should do wonders for Barrett and the Buckeyes this year. Barrett will likely be in the top 5 favorites for the Heisman Trophy this year, and he has the talent and the tools to land himself a spot at ceremony in Manhattan at the end of the year.

Fantasy Draft of TV Series

In the most recent episode of The Nati Boys Podcast, the Fantasy Draft was of their favorite TV shows of all time.  Make sure you listen to the podcast so you can hear our justification for the picks, and some honorable mentions not shown here.  The pictures below are of each persons pick.  Vote on twitter for who you think had the best overall draft!

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RAW Recap 08/14/17

Well folks we only have six days until the biggest party of the summer. WWE's pay per view SummerSlam is this Sundays, and it will be a joint brand show. You will have to  follow @MillironMac for all the updates on Smackdown leading into this jammed packed show. The build on both sides is clear though; we may possibly see the two top titles switch hands. Tonight's installment of RAW was all about the final push to  SummerSlam and it was a crazy show.

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Nati Boys #10: Football is Back(ish)


On today’s episode we discuss the impact of the Bryce Harper injury, check in on how the Reds are doing and recap the Bengals first preseason game against the Buccaneers.  Roger Goodell remains consistently inconsistent with his punishment of Ezekiel Elliott.  We have more developments in the Kyrie vs. Lebron saga and The Ball family is making their presence felt again.  Finally, we wrap things up with a lengthy fantasy draft of our favorite television shows.

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It Turns Out Bryce Harper Isn’t Double Jointed After All

Bryce Harper is many things. Great ballplayer, fan favorite, spoiled brat with a bad attitude. Saturday night proved there’s at least one thing he isn’t, and that’s double jointed.

It’s pretty much Baseball 101 that you should step on the front end of the bag at first base. Too much can go wrong when you step on top of the bag, near the back, or side. I guess maybe Bryce missed that part of base running class while he was busy making sure his weird hair cut looked fluffy enough when he takes his helmet off.

The Washington Nationals are still awaiting the results of an MRI to determine the damage done to his knee by the poor base running and inability to look cool while falling down. Bryce is just lucky this happened when he still has a two seasons left to recover before his Unrestricted Free Agency off-season. I would’ve hated for him to have to settle for $350 million rather than the $425 million he’s probably going to ask for.

Breaking: Team Picks Kicker in 2nd Round, Backfires Terribly

Who didn't see this coming? It was a head scratcher from day one when the Buccaneers used their second round pick on Roberto Aguayo in the 2016 NFL Draft. Sure, reliable kicking can be hard to find, but unless they are a franchise changing kicker with a cannon for a leg (see: Sebastian Janikowski), there's no reason to use a draft pick, let alone an early round pick on a kicker. They're not even real football players, so in a way it's a crock of shit that they're even eligible for the draft.

Hopefully the rest of the NFL learns from the Bucs' mistake and in turn, kicking gets phased out of the game. Go watch soccer if you wanna see 5'8" 135lb men kick stuff. I'll stick to my 6'7" 285lb tight end colliding with a linebacker and a healthy dose of CTE.