Pre Game Meal with El Jefe 05/08/17

Welcome to “Pre Game Meal with El Jefe”, where I preview matchups for the upcoming week. I’ll cover a mix of local teams plus the biggest matchups from around the sporting world. Strap in for exciting pregame details and predictions.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds (17-14) will host a red hot Yankees (20-9) team for two games who like the Reds have been getting production throughout the lineup and are both winners of 5 straight. This series will come down to pitching as both teams have been impressive offensively,  but both teams have also exceeded expectations this year. With recent long inning games my prediction leans with the more well rested Cincinnati Reds, but again good pitching is key to this series since both teams are seeing the ball well. Some of the intriguing storylines from this series include: Return of Chapman to GABP, hot bats of both teams, and both teams are in standing battles for 1st place in their divisions. We will also have a live report from Mac tomorrow of the freak that is Aaron Judge. After the two games against the Yanks. The Reds travel out west for a 4 game series against the Giants. The Reds got out of the gate early and often in the most recent series against the Giants scoring 31 runs in 3 games, but the west coast is always rough on the Reds. This is a huge week for the Reds to maintain their first place lead going into a 3 game series against the Flubs next week.

The Battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup

We are in for a wild week of hockey the battle for the Stanley cup. Several series are on the verge of wrapping up this week.

The Washington Capitals face off against some crappy team I have never heard of (suck it Pittsburgh). Washington is clearly the better team and as long as they remain extremely physical it should remain that way. No real matchup here. All hatered for Pittsburgh aside this has been a physical series and either team can pave their way to the cup, but they will have to recover from how physical this series has been.

The New York Rangers will try to force a game 7 against the Ottawa Senators. The Senators are a tough defensive team and the Rangers are a fast/very physical team. This has been an entertaining series so far and I expect the Rangers to force a game 7 for an exciting finish to this series Thursday  May 11th.

The Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers are locked in an intense series that has featured ups and downs from both teams. The Ducks came back from a 3 goal deficit to win in double overtime in game 5; only to lose 7-1 in game 6. Wednesday will culminate this back and forth series. This has been deemed and even series and we can see why with the back and forth games.  Both teams are evenly matched but will need some major rest and recovery after this series.

Even though I am disappointed the Blue Jackets had an early exit we have seen some great hockey from this quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

This concludes my must watch matchups for this week see you next time!

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