Different uniform, same low expectations for Tony Romo

Tony Romo

The Star-Telegram – “That’s the same thing in broadcasting. I understand I’m coming in without any experience in that world. It’s exciting, it’s a little nerve-wracking, it’s all these things in one. That’s why you love to do things. You’re coming into the unknown and something I have to get better at and I like a challenge. I know I’ll probably stink for a while [in the broadcast booth]. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve at that and hopefully get better and be good.”

I think we can all relate to Tony in this scenario on the surface. We’ve all been in group projects in college or at work and we set low expectations for our performance so we don’t feel like we let everyone down when we come up short. The famous“I can present, but I’m not very good at public speaking, so if anyone else wants to do it, they can.. heh heh” has been said in some form or fashion in just about every group project I’ve ever worked on. I’ve been the offender myself from time to time.

The problem I have with this is he’s practically dancing on Phil Simms’ professional grave to the tune of something really shitty and annoying (I’m thinking something by Kanye). Not only did he walk into CBS and take Phil’s job without a second of on-air experience, but now he’s openly admitting that he is going to suck at it. Everyone has their opinions about Phil Simms. Even if you think Simms sucks and was the worst thing that ever happened to professional broadcasting, this is still a little harsh.

I’m sure Romo didn’t mean anything by his comments and didn’t even think they could be taken in any other context than that he’s a work in progress. This may be true and he’s always going to get the benefit of the doubt because of his aww shucks demeanor. It’s good to see Tony being like the rest of us now that he’s got a real job and doing everything in his power to keep expectations low.

Never change, Tony. Keep being mediocre. It’s made you a rich man so far.. why stop?

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