Friend-zoned In Front Of Thousands

The guys face says it all.  It’s everything he ever wanted and more.  He was so excited to finally get his shot with the girl of his dreams.

And the girl’s reaction tells the entire story;  not today (or ever), my friend.  Stuck in the friend-zone.  Man, the Rockets video board operator was ruthless with this one.  Give the guy a break, she’s obviously way out of his league.  You could tell by the girls face too, the graphic was 100% correct; he’s in the friend-zone.

Luckily, being a Rockets fan has been just as disappointing of late, so the guy is used to it.  The Rockets got waxed at home last night by 40, and the Spurs are moving on to face the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.  Better luck next year to this guy, and Houston.  Never give up, man.

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