I’m officially best friends with the Denver Nuggets

Some budding romances are a long time coming, some develop when you least expect. When I woke up Sunday morning, I didn’t think I’d be going to bed having found an NBA team to pledge my undying loyalty to, but it happened. Denver Nuggets, I would like to welcome you into my family. Make yourselves comfortable.

I live in a part of the country that is no man’s land when it comes to NBA fandom. I’m 1.5 hours east of the closest NBA team and it’s in a state I try to avoid despite growing up just minutes from our shared border. The other “logical” option would be the team in my home state of Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers but I cannot and will not ever root for a team from that terrible city (other than the Jake Taylor led Indians).

As a casual basketball fan that typically stuck to the NCAA variety, the only NBA rooting interest I’d ever had came from when a Cincinnati Bearcat would stick with a team for a little while. This meant early 2000s with Kenyon Martin and the New Jersey Nets and more recently whichever team Sean Kilpatrick was on at the time. This would all come to an end on the evening of May 14th…

I reached out to the Denver Nuggets on Twitter Sunday night letting them know I was seeking a professional basketball team to root for and they responded immediately with one of my favorite phrases when beginning a conversation, “sup?” Check out @MillironMac and @nuggets on Twitter for the full conversation, I won’t flood this post with our back and forth. At that moment I knew I was about to embark upon something very special. They had been the home to two of my all-time favorite Cincinnati Bearcats: Danny Fortson and Kenyon Martin so I was familiar with their work. Plus I really like chicken nuggets.

I have been out of the NBA scene for quite some time (other than my annual NBA Finals viewing), but in the research I’ve conducted since our budding friendship began, I’m liking what I see in my new BFF. I went to a relatively small school (the best university in all of the land, Ohio University) so I was elated to see one of the best small school prospects in recent memory is a Denver Nugget, Kenneth Faried. Another tally in the positive column is their 2016-17 record of 40-42. That may sound dumb but hear me out. This tells me they’re not that far away from being competitive in the Western Conference, but I also won’t ever be called out for being a bandwagon fan.

I expect big things in the future for both the Denver Nuggets’ organization, but more importantly, I see big things happening for our new friendship. You better believe when the Nuggets come to Indianapolis I’ll be sitting in the arena decked out in Nuggets Navy, Nuggets Lt Blue and Nuggets Yellow Gold (yes, I looked up the official name for each of their colors). I may even try to work in a road trip to Denver sometime in the future to hang out with them so they don’t feel like they’re always the one putting forth the effort to visit me. It looks like I’ll be subscribing to NBA League Pass next season and spending a lot of late nights catching my Nuggets play on the other side of the country.

Your favorite team sucks, GO NUGGETS

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