American Craft Beer Week – Part 6

Welcome to the 6th installment of my American Craft Beer Week series.  We’re close to the end of the journey now but we still have a couple solid beers left to take a look at.  If this is your first time joining me, you can take a look at what you’ve missed below:

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I think I’m back to not knowing what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to beer tasting.  I’m pretty sure people are just making things up sometimes when they’re talking about the flavors and smells they get from their beers.  And they’re choosing things I’ve never tasted so I can’t call them out for it.  I know I like beer A better than beer B but don’t ask me to explain why.  I guess this is something you get better at with practice, but I choose just to jump right in and make light of it instead.  So without further ado…

We’ve got another heavy hitter on the docket for this evening.  It comes in at 8.5% alcohol and it’s very heavy on the hops.  It’s listed at 100+ IBU’s, which my sources tell me is extremely high in the bitterness scale.

    The Brewery: Stone Brewing Co

    The Beer: Ruination 2.0

Ruination 2.0 by Stone Brewing Company is a double IPA.  I’ve had the pleasure of trying 2.0’s predecessor, Ruination, some time ago.  The original Ruination was supposedly named that because the hoppy bitterness supposedly ruined your palate.  It was intensely bitter but that was by design and the beer received excellent ratings on most review sites.

Ruination 2.0 follows in the original’s footsteps when it comes to bitterness.  Most descriptions I’ve read say that it has fruity and tropical flavors mixed in, but honestly all I can taste is bitterness.  Maybe that’s because my palate isn’t as sophisticated, but I can’t get past that.  I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad beer, but if you’re not an IPA then you’re not going to like this.  There are probably some people who do like IPAs that would think this is a bit much.  2010 me would have absolutely hated this beer.  2017 me enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t label it a favorite.  Overall I’d say it’s a good beer but it’s definitely not for everyone.

With number 6 in the books, we have just one more day left of American Craft Beer Week.  It’s been a fun experiment for me, and hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.  If you have, be sure to like the article and check out the rest of the website as well.

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