American Craft Beer Week – Part 7

Well we’re finally here. It’s the final day of American Craft Beer Week and this is the last in my series of posts reviewing craft beers from around the country.  It’s been a fun ride.  Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

  Part 1 – Rhinegeist Knowledge
  Part 2 – Jackie O’s Firefly Amber
  Part 3 – Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat
  Part 4 – Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace
  Part 5 – New Holland Dragon’s Milk
  Part 6 – Stone Brewing Ruination 2.0

I’ve learned a lot during this whole process.  Like how I’m old and washed up and wake up with a headache after drinking just one of these high ABV beers.  College Whitty would be disappointed in me.  I also learned that identifying the complex aromas and flavors in these beers is more difficult than I thought.  After this last one I think I’ll just stick to sports for a while.

We’re bringing it back to Ohio for our last beer.  This is a bit lighter of an offering, so it may have a wider appeal than my last few beers.

    The Brewery: North High Brewing Co.

    The Beer: Pale Ale

I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting this brewery while living in Columbus.  It was one of four stops on a beer tour around the city.  My favorite thing about this brewery (besides the fact that it was more or less right across the street from DP Dough, the greatest late night food in the history of the world) was that they let you come in and brew your own batches of beer using their equipment, ingredients and recipes.  It’s a really cool concept for those interested in home brewing but don’t have the means to actually do it at home.  I unfortunately did not take advantage of this program while I lived in Columbus, which is definitely something I regret.  The whole process nets you around 140 12oz bottles, so this would be a great activity to share with friends.  

North High’s Pale Ale is a solid offering.  You still get the hoppy taste you expect from a pale ale, but not nearly as bitter as your typical IPA.  I was actually able to detect a citrusy flavor in this one.  Possibly lemon, maybe orange or grapefruit, I’m not sure.  I enjoyed this beer though.  It’s light and easy to drink and it would be a good starting point if your were interested in exploring the world of pale ales and IPAs.  

That wraps up my American Craft Beer Week series.  Again, if you like what you saw, let me know.  And if you have unique craft beers to recommend, I’d love to hear it.  For those of you that haven’t ventured into the world of craft beer, I encourage you to do so.  If you don’t know where to start you may be better suited looking at some of the larger beer companies, you’d be surprised at what you might find.  I personally started with beers like Blue Moon and the various Sam Adam’s sampler packs.  Some haters critics would argue that these mass produced beers don’t have the same quality that you would find in a true craft brewery, but I definitely found it helpful in introducing me to craft beers.  Just make sure you don’t become a beer snob.  Nobody likes that.

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