For the First Time Ever, Cincinnati Should Follow Cleveland’s Lead

Everybody experiences their “firsts” at different stages of their lives. First girlfriend. First beer. First, um, you know..

And…. the first time you admit Cleveland actually does something right. I almost threw up saying that.

As I type this, the Reds are in the midst of battle with the Cleveland Indians in game three of four for the coveted Ohio Cup (yes, it’s really a thing.. look it up). The first two games were at the beautiful Great American Ball Park on the banks of the Ohio River before heading north to play in a ballpark near a river that catches on fire. There’s not much that Cleveland does right. They have the worst franchise in the NFL (possibly the only city other than Jacksonville that I can talk down to in regards to NFL franchises), a whiny bitch of a traitor that they took back with open arms in LeBron James, and no shortage of spray tanned guys in Affliction shirts who think they’re on the Jersey Shore. They do have one thing I envy though: the 6:10 first pitch.

I’ve always been a big “tradition guy”, so at first thought I wasn’t a fan of games not starting at 7:10 like I’ve had my entire life. Experiencing the earlier first pitch for the first time tonight has made me a believer. Not only did I not have that awkward gap of time to fill between getting home from work and timing up my fast food run right before the game, but if it weren’t for the rain delay, I’d be going to bed much sooner. It’s my understanding that teams that do this do it to avoid weather issues (I guess it rains more at night in the spring?) and to accommodate families during the school year and they will go back to the later start time once summer officially begins. Screw that. This needs to be a staple at GABP moving forward. Not only would it allow younger families to stay at the games longer, it would also keep more of the workforce downtown after they punch their time card to watch the Redlegs’ rebuild. It sounds silly, but if the games started closer to the time I left work, I’d go to a lot more games. The idea of doubling my daily commute is a Groundhog Day disaster if I’ve ever seen one.

I’ve had friends that lived in the Central Time Zone and I was always jealous of them on NFL Sundays when games were starting at noon, but I never really considered the bumped up start time for my Reds. I know Bob Castellini is a loyal reader of Milliron Sports, so I hope when this blog comes across his desk tomorrow morning while his assistant is dusting off a spot in the trophy case for the 2017 Ohio Cup Joey Votto will be marching back with Thursday night, he’ll consider pushing for the change next season. Until then, we’ll have to continue to live like savages with our antiquated 7:10 first pitch.

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