Dirty Dancing 

In an article released early this week on NFL.com the No Fun League NFL discusses how after speaking with several former and current players they will allow more freedom of expression by easing up on celebration rules.

Uproxx via Good Morning America


Marvin Lewis wasn’t a fan of the news, but this is also the same guy that made headlines for saying John Ross wasn’t a side show act when he wanted to race Billy Hamilton for charity. So stay off of Marvin’s lawn kids!

Let’s go back in time a little though…Irish jig, putting the football, proposing to a cheerleader, or fake Hall Of Fame jacket? Do you remember your favorite celebration? Figuring out what elaborate celebration Chad Ocho Cinco would perform was always exciting on game day. It increased the popularity of the team and of Chad as a player. Celebrations have certainly calmed down over the years, but with several personalities in the league similar to TO and Chad we could see some pretty EPIC celebrations.

NFL via Giphy

As a former linemen if I would have ever scored a touchdown you bet your ass I would’ve danced. I say as long as the product on the field doesn’t suffer go for it.
What is your opinion?

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