Steven Souza is All of Us

In Friday night’s contest against the Minnesota Twins (…aaaannnndd twwiiiiiiiinssssss), Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays’ outfielder Steven Souza did something all of us can relate to. He had his target in sight, knew exactly what he needed to do, and fell about 20 feet short of accomplishing his goal.

It would be easy to pile on Souza and make fun of him for such a terrible attempt at a diving catch, but he took that opportunity away from us by having a good laugh about it himself when seeing the replay on the Jumbotron. Anything bad I could say would make me look like a dick after he was such a good sport about it.

Hats off to Steven for at least going for it. Steven was a 25 year old third year senior taking his shot at an absolute 10 who is out celebrating her 21st birthday. If you don’t take your shot, you’ll never know. But much like the 25 year old with soon to be crippling student loan debt, Steven came away empty handed.

We’re all like Steven and can relate to his failure.. then again, maybe we relate more to the 25 year old senior.

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