Clown Fight Bro

McGregor versus Mayweather may never happen, but until we see the “SUPER FIGHT” (aka Mayweather dance around for about an hour) Harper versus Strickland is what we have to watch.

Ben Margot, Associated Press

Being a 24 year star Harper has already made a name for himself in Major League Baseball. It does seem as if he tries to put on a bad boy image at times, but on Memorial Day he picked the wrong guy to try that with.

It all started when Hunter Strickland threw an inside fastball hitting Harper on the thigh. Harper didn’t agree with the throw and charged the mound. As he was charging the mound he attempts to throw his helmet at Strickland and completely misses. Some fist are thrown some punches connect and benches clear.

The part of the fight that impressed me was Strickland looked like a stone cold badass. He takes a punch to the face that doesn’t even phase him then needs to be carried off of the field by 3 other Giant players. My prediction if these two went toe to toe in a boxing match is Strickland gets a decisive TKO victory in round 2 or 3.

What are you thoughts?

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