Taste of Cincinnati: Revenge of the IBS

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, the city held its bi-annual food celebration (Taste of Cincinnati in May, and Oktoberfest in September).  I went down two of the three days and tried a wide variety of foods.  Most of them were good, and almost every single booth had something that I would have tried if I had the money, time and appetite.  Here’s a look at the things I tried.

Coal Fired Pizza from Delicio: the slice was alright, but nothing to write home about.  When it came to pizza options down at Taste of Cincinnati, it was either this or LaRosa’s.  I’ve already had (and love) LaRosa’s pizza, so the wife and I decided to try something new.  Pizza is one of those things that is hard to screw up; with that being said, this one wasn’t screwed up, but I would rather have had a slice of traditional LaRosa’s.

Crab Cake and Cole Slaw sandwich from McCormick and Schmick’s:  this one was the wife’s choice.  I’m not a big seafood guy, so if we would have eaten at the actual McCormick and Schmick’s restaurant, I would have definitely gotten a steak.  I tried a bit of the patty, and it was alright.  The wife enjoyed it, and I’d trust her judgement more about this sorta thing than mine.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce and Asian Slaw from Grind on the Rhine: this is probably my favorite thing I tried while down at Taste of Cincinnati.  Grind on the Rhine was down in the Findlay Market section of Taste; they have a booth set up on the weekends at Findlay and offer gourmet sandwiches.  This thing was delicious; it was the perfect amount of sweet and spicy.

Crab Rangoons from Thai Taste: rangoons are a staple food every time I eat at an asian restaurant.  I’m a big cream cheese fan, and anything fried is always delicious.  These were pretty standard rangoons; I’ve had better and I’ve had worse.

Jerk Chicken Pasta from Island Frydays: for this one, I strictly got it because it had the word “jerk” in the name.  I’m a longtime fan of the show Futurama, and if you know anything about the Rastafarian character Hermes, that man can “jerk” any meat.  This was a type of spicy pasta with a white sauce;  pretty tasty, not too spicy.  I’d eat it again.

Spicy Chicken Wrap from Market Street Grille: this thing was pretty good, but if I had to do it again, I would have gotten something else from their booth.  They also offered Jambalaya, which my mom said was delicious.  It was a pretty standard chicken wrap.

Chicken Taco from habanero: the taco was good, but they had a bunch of the tacos pre-made, and my meat was cold when I bit into it.  I still enjoyed the taco, and the meat had good flavor.  If the meat weren’t cold, I wouldn’t have had anything to complain about.


There was also a variety of beers to try.  The only one that I managed to drink while I was down there was from Braxton Brewery in Covington.  I tried the Summertrip brew; it was light and fruity, and I could probably only drink one of them before having to switch to something else.

Overall, I had a pretty good weekend trying a bunch of different foods, although my intestines are paying for what I did to them.  Next year, I’ll have to try a few of the smaller booths, and venture down to the food truck alley.

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