Random Simpsons Episode Review – Vol. 2

As we continue down this trip along Evergreen Terrace, I hope you’ll join me in enjoying these episodes of The Simpsons on the FXNow app (or whichever streaming service you can find for them).  Here is my first episode review, which I assume you’ve read and watched along with.  Today’s episode comes from a great season which I consider to be classic:

Season 7, Episode 15: Bart the Fink

Original air date: February 1996

Basic Plot

Each member of the Simpsons inherits $100 from a dead relative.  With his inheritance, Bart opens up a checking account, and in an attempt to get Krusty the Clowns autograph, writes him a check.  Instead of signing the check, Krusty stamps it with a Cayman Islands bank account, which leads to an investigation by the FBI because he is “one of the biggest tax cheats in history.”

Krusty fakes his death to get out of the mess he’s made, which leads to the Simpson’s kids investigating the death and figuring out the hoax.

It’s the Little Things

This episode is full of hilarious little details that make me appreciate the greatness of the show every time I see them.  Here are a few:

The law firm that the will is read at:


Homer’s order at IRS Burger; formerly Krusty Burger:

Krusty’s memorial headstone:


Closing Thoughts

I definitely enjoy this episode, but its not one that sticks out heavily in my mind as memorable.  Overall, I’d give it 3* Duff’s on a scale of 1 – 6 pack.  There are great short scenes, but pretty mediocre when it comes to a story.


*Krusty Disclaimer: I have to mention that I’m not a huge Krusty fan.  I get his purpose in the show, but he’s not a very likable character.

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