Extreme Lawn Care: Toro Vs. Tornado

A photo has been making the rounds on the internet (“going viral”, as the kids would say) showing a man mowing his lawn as a tornado looms in the background. A lot of people are saying that this photo is fake (I haven’t actually seen anybody say this, but I know how people are…haters) but I for one believe his photo to be 100% authentic, and I’ll tell you why.

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re on your couch on a Friday afternoon and you have the next few hours free. You take a look outside, and notice your lawn is getting a little shaggy. You check the weather report: rain and storms starting in 2 hours. “It’s not that long yet,” you reason with yourself. “I can put it off until tomorrow.” But then you check your calendar. You’re booked solid through Sunday. Even worse, they’re calling for more rain Monday and Tuesday after work, and you have an office happy hour for Margaret’s 40th birthday on Wednesday. Now you’re looking at Thursday evening as your next chance to mow, no way your lawn will make it that long. Especially not after Steve next door just finished his earlier this afternoon, and you know he’ll have a smartass comment if you don’t get yours done. So what do you do? You get your ass off the couch and you fire up the mower.

Now we’ve all been there before. You did the mental math in your head. Based on how long it takes you to mow and when the rain is supposed to start, you should finish with 20 minutes to spare, easily. But then you’re 15 minutes in and you feel the rain drops start to fall (or, you know, see a huge tornado start to form off in the distance). “Why the hell do they even pay these meteorologists, anyways?” At this point you start weighing your options. You could stop now and head for the basement until the tornado blows over, but you’re going to look like a jackass with a half-mown yard. Or you could keep going and run the risk of, you know, dying in a tornado.  But you can see Steve smirking at you out of his window next door.  No way you can let him win.  You really only have one option: you put your head down and bust your ass to get that lawn finished before the tornado rips through your yard.  The way I see it, you don’t stop mowing for anything less than an F4 on the Fujita scale.  If it’s an F2 or F3, maybe you skip weed eating afterwards.  Good news is, you don’t have to bust out the leaf blower to clear off the sidewalk, and if you’re really lucky maybe the tornado will uproot Steve’s house and his perfectly manicured lawn.

This man is a hero in my book.  Either that or he’s the worst procrastinator ever and he found himself in a potential life and death situation because of it.  Either way, somebody get this man a beer!

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