What up LD?

Everyone’s favorite asshole is set to make his triumphant return to HBO as Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its 9th season. The loosely scripted sitcom follows the hilarious life of Seinfeld writer Larry David. He has a lot of problems with social norms and he is not afraid to confront people about it. This leads to Larry always finding himself in the worst self inflicted situations.

megapowers26 via tumblr

I am extremely excited to see what kind of trouble Larry will find himself in during this upcoming season. As long as there is a heavy dose of Leon (JB Smoove) and Larry I will be very happy; Leon seems to fuel the fire that Larry sets. They both work extremely well together as actors.

Anonymously via MakeAGIF.com

JB Smoove released a self proclaimed “exclusive announcement” that the comedy will be premiering October 1st. We now must wait  for an official announcement from HBO. Until then I leave you with some highlights from season 8 below.

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