I’m Addicted to Women’s Softball and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

Every year I find myself becoming entrenched in a sport’s championship that I don’t watch throughout it’s respective season. Most years it’s the Little League World Series or some random Olympic sport that normal people only watch every four years. Last year it was some variation of men’s rugby and the year before that it was one of the many world championships they hold for gymnastics. This year, I have watched more NCAA Women’s Softball than I thought was possible.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “you’re just watching it to see the hot women”, and if you said that to me last month, you may have been right. Hand in the air, I’ll admit I would keep flipping the channel if I came across a softball game and I didn’t see an attractive player within the first 10 seconds. Hate me for it all you want, but I’m a reformed man and now realize the error in my ways.

I’ve become obsessed with watching the NCAA Women’s College World Series as well as all of the conference and regional tournaments leading up to the best of 3 series in Oklahoma City. The NCAA Tournament has taken top priority in my house when it’s on and the NBA Finals and Reds have been relegated to my laptop or iPad. I was rooting for an Oregon vs. Florida matchup in the World Series because I’m a huge fan of Delanie Gourley, a pitcher for the Gators and Oregon’s all green uniforms were flame emoji’s. It looks like I’ll have to settle for a Florida vs. Oklahoma (the fake, 2nd best OU) to close out my month long obsession with NCAA Women’s Softball.

Delanie Gourley is a crafty lefty (do you call softball pitchers crafty?) that has a DGAF look with massive rocks in her ears and a flower in her hair. I don’t know Delanie and I can’t say for sure that she’s bad to the bone like I suspect, but I hope she is.

If anyone thinks they could hang with these college-athletes, they’re crazy. They are throwing straight gas underhanded from 45 feet away. There’s a reason half of the hitters in the lineup and infielders are wearing facemasks. Don’t even get me started on the running-swing some of the ladies come to the plate with. I would be tripping over my own spikes and face planting somewhere between home plate and the pitchers mound-circle thingy. I don’t even want to think about trying to hit a “rise-ball” coming straight for my chin.

Game 1 of the NCAA Women’s College World Series proved to be a classic with Oklahoma beating Florida 7-5 in 17 innings thanks to Shay Knighten’s 3-run home run to left field in the top of the 17th. I wish it would’ve gone 40 innings and it looked like Florida was going to push it to at least the 18th inning but fell short.

Best case scenario, I have two games left before NCAA Women’s Softball disappears until mid-May. Here’s to hoping ESPN3 has season long coverage to help me get my fix in 2018 before the Women’s College World Series comes back to my TV, where it belongs.

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