Lindsey Vonn Joins Mac’s “I Bet I Could Be Pretty Good at That Club”

In a move that proves Lindsey Vonn is a woman after my own heart, she has expressed interest in competing against men in ski competitions. 

I won’t begin to act like I know anything about skiing or the level of competition between men and women. However, I do know a thing or two about proclaiming I’d be good at something I see another gender or age group competing in. It’s a well known fact that I believe I could walk into Friday Night Tykes and rush for 300 yards a game and throw for another 250 (I’m assuming my 10 year old receivers would suck at running routes and have a 50% drop rate). So when I heard Lindsey was interested in competing against men, she had my full attention. 

I can’t see this actually happening for a sanctioned event for whoever the hell governs professional skiing. This does sound like a great idea for a charity race though. One that I would probably tune in for and buy a tshirt if they were cool looking. 

It is my honor to welcome Lindsey to Mac’s I Bet I Could Be Pretty Good at That Club. The only difference is she would probably succeeed, while I’d spend most of my time icing a pulled hammy. 

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