On This Episode of Seinfeld: Kesha Gets Rejected

Jerry couldn’t have played it better if it were scripted that way.  As a 90’s sitcom star, Seinfeld was known for bringing his slightly socially awkward outlook on life to the stage, and pointing out norms that he wasn’t a fan of.  I guess hugs from random people is one of the quirks he doesn’t like about his celebrity status (see video below).

The hilarious part of this video is that it wasn’t just a random person; it was pop artist Kesha.  This is great for so many reasons; Jerry stepping back at each advance she makes, Kesha being devastated that she didn’t get her desired hug, and then the interviewer informing Jerry of who he just shot down.

I do feel a little bad for Kesha.  She really did seem to be upset when she was turned away by Seinfeld.  C’mere Kesha, I’ll give you a hug.  I swear it’s not out of pity.

“Oh, well I wish her the best.”  A great parting line from a historic comedian.  He’s still got it; while we’re bringing back Larry David shows, why not Seinfeld too?

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