Scooter Gennett: Oh What a Night!

We entered the 2017 Reds regular season having low expectations, mostly due to the trading away of fan favorite players and a lack of post season appearances. Tight competition in the NL Central has allowed this team to stay relevant up to this point in the season. You can’t deny the fight in this years team, they have received outstanding performances from unexpected players.

Enter Ryan Joseph “Scooter” Gennett who was claimed off waivers by the Cincinnati Reds in March. Scooter has had an amazing last 24 hours and is now in the record books for his performance last night. He has become the first Red and 17th player in Major League history to have four home runs in a game. Even crazier, this historic 10 RBI performance comes after snapping an 0-19 dry spell at the plate as recent as Monday. Even Scooter didn’t know how to respond to his historic performance.

“That’s something I never thought I would do,” Gennett said. “Even three home runs would be too crazy for me.”

The bottomline is that this team may not be ready to be a World Series powerhouse, but one thing is for damn sure, they are exiting to watch. Thanks to Scooter’s historic performance the Cincinnati Reds are rewarding the fans with $4 tickets to the Wednesday and Thursday game. So head down to GABP to see what this team will do next!

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