Random Simpsons Episode Review – Vol. 3

For my third random Simpsons episode review, the FXNOW app has outdone itself.  It picked a classic episode for us to enjoy.  Grab your bathing suit, because we’re going swimming with the Simpsons this week.

But, before you read this review, check out my previous Random Episode Reviews:

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Season 6 Episode 1 – Bart of Darkness

Original air date: September, 1994

Chalkboard gag: “Beans are neither fruit nor musical”

Basic Plot

A heatwave has hit Springfield, and after exhausting all other ways to stay cool, the Simpson kids decide that they are going to pressure Homer into getting a swimming pool.  All of the kids in Springfield come over to enjoy the new pool, and Bart has plans to become king of the neighborhood until this happens:

After Bart breaks his leg, he becomes a sad secluded loner, in a parody of the old Rear Window movie.  As Bart withdraws, Lisa embraces the newfound popularity that the pool has brought her.  Lisa feels a little bad for how Bart is acting, and how he is being ignored, and gifts him a telescope to have some fun exploring with.  With his telescope, he spies what looks to be a crime by goody-two-shoes Flanders:

I won’t spoil the ending of the kids investigation into Flanders, but we do find out that Ned isn’t the best horticulturist.

Three Hilarious Quotes

After the refrigerator motor craps out trying to keep the entire kitchen cold, Homer asks: “Marge can you set the oven to cold?”

As the kids look for a way to cool down and stop sweating, they hear the sweet familiar sound of the ice cream man.  “ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM – I’m all outta ice cream” he exclaims.

After Bart breaks his leg, he’s rushed to a packed Emergency Room where a nurse says “Get this kid a magazine, stat.”

Closing Thoughts

This episode is a CLASSIC, and one that I enjoy every single time I see it.  This is only my third Random Episode Review, but I’m going for it: I’m giving this episode a full 6 pack on the Duff Beer scale of 1-6.  The way that they balance the two story lines of Bart withdrawing, and Lisa coming out of her shell is ingenious, and you have to tip your hat to the writers of this episode.  So many hilarious repeatable one-line quotes, too.





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