Rules Don’t Apply to Golden Boy Sidney Crosby

Every sport has that player that gets unfair criticism for being the Chosen One and getting the benefit of every call. Sidney Crosby gets criticism for getting the benefit of every call, but it is not unfair.

Crosby has a well documented history of head injuries that have put his long term health in question. Some people (me) blame his series of traumatic brain injuries for the pathetic excuse of a beard he tries to grow every summer during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Sidney, of all people, should understand the risk involved when it comes to head injuries, which led to my surprise when I witnessed this during tonight’s Game 5 contest: 

I know what you’re thinking, “Sid probably got his 2 minutes and Nashville had a power play opportunity.” WRONG. They called coincidental minors, leading to a 4 on 4 final minute-plus in the first period and spilling into the second. This is a prime example of the NHL’s obsession with making sure Sidney gets his way. I’m actually shocked they didn’t give P.K. Subban the lone penalty since he had the balls to let himself get assaulted by Gary Bettman’s Golden Boy.

Was Sid the Little Kid done after his first temper tantrum? Nope. He decided to one up his previous effort by throwing a water bottle on the ice in the middle of play after a slash on Chris Kunitz went undetected.

Crosby was seen later in the period talking to the ref explaining that he didn’t mean to do it and it’s slipped out of his hand. Bullshit.

If any other player in the league (sans Patrick Kane, I think he’s proven he can get away with just about anything off the ice as well) does this, they’re facing supplementary discipline from the league. By the end of the night, the NHL will turn this into a funny occurrence and parlay it into a commercial for Gorilla Glue or the effectiveness of Bridgestone Tires.

Is this coming from a place where evil hatred for Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins festers in deep in my Blue Jackets’ soul? Maybe. Does that mean I’m wrong? Hell no. Unless you live in Pittsburgh or have jumped on the Penguins bandwagon, chances are you agree with me.

It looks like the Penguins will go up 3-2 after tonight and likely be on their way to their second consecutive Stanley Cup. That’s life as a Blue Jackets fan, but it’s also a life I’d take any day over having to root for a team from Pittsburgh.

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