Wake Up With Whitty – 6/10/2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Thank you for joining me for another edition of Wake Up With Whitty, where I give you a few interesting tidbits from the week that’s passed.  Let’s face it, the last thing anyone wants to do this early in the morning is try to formulate their own thoughts.  I’ve been kind enough to do the thinking for you, so just sit back and enjoy.  Then once you’ve finished your Lucky Charms and you’ve had a chance to wake up a bit, feel free to come back and tell me why you disagree with me.

Warriors Miss Shot at History

This series was over after game 3.  I don’t think anybody outside the city of Cleveland would try to dispute that.  This Cavaliers team just cannot compete with the firepower that Golden State has.  I’m not going to try and act like I don’t recognize Lebron’s greatness.  I do believe he’s the best player in the world right now.  But he’s just so damn unlikable.  Other than his basketball talent, he just has no redeeming qualities.  If he’s on your team, you obviously love him.  And if not, he’s absolutely insufferable.

I’m hoping Golden State can close this out in game 5, there’s no need to delay the inevitable any further.  I’m sure the Warriors fans are a little disappointed that Golden State didn’t push for history by going 16-0 in the postseason, but seeing their team win it on their home court would probably be a nice consolation.  Plus I’m sure nobody’s going to complain about the additional revenue that the extra game is going to bring to the team and to The City.  Still, they’d better make sure they don’t let it go too much further than that.  Golden State is clearly the better team but if you let Lebron and friends get within a game, there’s no telling what might happen.

As a side note, the amount of stoppages and reviews during the game were a little bit much for me.  I’ll admit that I don’t frequently (or ever, really) watch the NBA, so I’m not sure if this sort of thing is typical or not.  It just feels like it prevents fans and players alike from getting into a good flow.  Although I did think it was nice of the officials to take some time to reassign one of Draymond Green’s technical fouls to coach Steve Kerr.  There’s no worse feeling than being sent home while all your friends are still out playing and having fun.

Super Smash Brothers

If you were to tell me that Rob and Rex Ryan were spending their new found free time by getting into bar fights with some bros in Nashville, TN…I would probably say that that sounds exactly right.  Just a couple lovable scamps getting drunk on margs and getting into a little bar scuffle in broad daylight.  What’s not to love?  It’s all just fun and games until some douche decides to press charges.

This story kept getting stranger as more information started coming out.  First of all, I have no idea why Rex Ryan is wearing a Bryce Harper jersey, but he sure rocks the hell out of it.  After the initial video surfaced, another report came out saying the Ryan brothers spent some time partying with a bachelorette party.  The brothers took a picture with the group and Rob can seen with his hand riding a little too high on the waist of one of the ladies.  That same woman claimed that Rex commented on how beautiful her feet were, which seems to be pretty standard operating procedure for Rex.  While this all does come off as a little creepy on their part, I can’t fault them too much.  I mean who of us hasn’t gotten a little too flirty with a bachelorette party after pounding margaritas in Nashville?

The Ryan brothers are a polarizing duo.  I know there are a lot of people out there who absolutely cannot stand them, but I find them pretty damn entertaining.  I’m not sure that I condone getting in fist fights in bars and creeping on bachelorette parties though, especially if you’re unemployed and trying to find a new job.  I don’t know if either of them is actually interested in getting back to coaching, but I don’t think this is the look you want out of your head coach.  Although, to be honest, with the way things have been going in Cincinnati the past few years I’d probably be willing to look past it if it meant a coaching shakeup for the Bengals.

Scooter’s #un4gettable Night

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the outstanding offensive performance that Cincinnati Reds infielder Scooter Gennett had on Tuesday night.  5-for-5 with four home runs and 10 RBIs.  As you’re probably well aware, since I know you read Jefe’s post about Scooter’s amazing performance, he became the first Red and just the 17th player in MLB history to hit 4 home runs in a game (which I found to be astounding since I do it all the time with my created character in MLB: The Show).  He also became the first player named Scooter to hit 4 home runs in a game (interesting story on how he got that name here).  Here’s my favorite stat though: the 4 home run night gives Scooter 42 total home runs so far in his 5 year MLB career.  That means that 9.5% of his career home runs came in one single game.  Oh, and the best part of this whole thing?  It came against the St. Louis Cardinals.  How do you like that, “Best Fans in Baseball”?

Closing Thoughts

Game 6 of the NHL playoffs is tomorrow so be sure to tune in for that.  Hopefully the Preds can force a game 7.  We’ve yet to have the road team steal a game so it’s still not a series yet!  Thank you again for joining me. If you enjoyed what you saw be sure to give it a like and leave a comment.  Also check out the other stuff on the blog, the crew has been putting out some pretty good content lately.  And be sure to follow us all on Twitter as well to stay up on all of the latest Milliron Sports happenings.

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