Summer Sports Depression

It’s official.  With football still months away, and the NBA/NHL finals in the rear view mirror, we’re left with nothing but Major League Baseball to hold our attention until we get some fake NFL games in August.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the last two games of the NBA finals, with KD getting his first ring with the Superteam to beat all Superteams.  The chippy nature of the games and the almost-fights were fun to watch.  And Xavier Alum/badass David West got his first ring.  Also, apparently KD doesn’t like the taste of beer… pussy.

I wonder what moves Cleveland GM LeBron James will make in the offseason to better prepare for Golden State next season?  Also, I hate bringing this up because it’s very cliché and everyone has been arguing about it for the last few weeks, but LeBron isn’t on Jordan’s level.  As an unbiased Lakers fan, he isn’t even on Kobe’s level.  Allow this tweet to spell it out for me:

The day before the NBA Finals finished, the Stanley Cup was handed to the Penguins by the refs.  There were questionable calls all series long.  And you’d think that with all the brain injuries that Sidney Crosby has dealt with, he’d be a little nicer on the ice.

Then again, maybe the brain injuries explain a lot about his behavior.


So now, what do we do?  We can watch baseball, with the Reds battling in the NL Central still.  I really hope the Bronson Arroyo experiment ends soon.  I love Bronson, and he’s always been a good clubhouse guy, but we’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather trot out a young arm to see what they’ve got than to continue to watch Arroyo give up bomb after bomb.  Some good news is that Homer Bailey may be back soon; we’ll see how well his 4 year rehab has gone, and if he’s still got that nasty no-hit stuff.

Other than the pleasant surprise Reds, I personally can only pay so much attention to the Bengals workout stuff.  I love football and the Bengals, but I don’t care to hear about how Cedric Ogbuehi has been doing in blocking drills.  As long as the Bengals don’t make the news in a negative way (looking at you, Pacman), I’ll be happy with my 2 minute weekly update on the progress of the players.

With only baseball to look forward to, I guess that means I have to spend more time with my family.  Yikes.  I guess I’ll have to find some yard work to do at home to avoid that.  If you’ve got some new sport that I should pay attention to, I’m all ears.

2 thoughts on “Summer Sports Depression

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