Yasiel Puig Suspended One-Game for Living My Dream

CLEVELAND (AP) – Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has been suspended one game and fined by Major League Baseball for making an obscene gesture to Indians fans on Tuesday night.

Puig flashed the middle finger on both hands at fans sitting behind home plate at Progressive Field after hitting a home run in the second inning. Baseball executive Joe Torre announced the one-game penalty and undisclosed fine.

Puig is appealing the decision and will play Wednesday night. The mercurial player said he ”stooped” to the level of fans who he said were heckling him in the on-deck circle. Puig said that the group of fans kept talking to him after the home run.

If you asked me the top five things I’d want to accomplish in my lifetime, somewhere in the 2-4 range would be “doing something to crush Cleveland fans dreams and cap it off with a double bird salute.” Tuesday night, Yasiel Puig got to live my dream.

After hitting a home run in front of 22,171 Indians fans still hungover following a night of drowning their sorrows in another LeBron Finals loss, Puig capped off his home run trot by flipping double birds to the hometown crowd. This part of the story is not breaking news. If you have a pulse and a Twitter account, you’ve seen the video by now. If you haven’t, you can check it out below.


Wednesday afternoon, Fun Police Chief Joe Torre announced a one-game suspension for the Cuban slugger. I understand the league wants to keep instances like this to a minimum to promote a family-friendly atmosphere, but in this case, no harm no foul. Kids in Cleveland saw and heard much worse if their parents let them stay up until 2am to watch the NBA Finals. This was PG compared to the chaos in those games.

Puig is appealing the suspension and plans to play Wednesday night before the appeal can be heard. Here’s to hoping Puig grows a third hand so he can have an extra finger for the fans in Cleveland tonight.

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