Brock vs. Joe: The Preview

Lesnar vs Joe (Picture: WWE)

Fellow wrestling fans, we may have an epic battle on our hands in Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. The two finally clashed on Monday Night RAW. It was an all out brawl between the Superstars. The brawl on Monday night adds excitement to the storyline, and has a lot of wrestling fans marking out at the thought of this match up at WWE’s Pay-Per-View, Great Balls of Fire.

Samoa Joe made his first appearance on the main WWE roster in January. His presence was immediately felt as he was introduced as a heel to fans. Joe had a direct impact on the storyline between Triple H and Seth Rollins, when he injured Seth Rollins knee in an ambush attack almost costing him a WrestleMania appearance.

So what’s next for Samoa Joe? He has held title belts with several other brands, so most fans think he is being groomed to be the next champion and face of the brand. I don’t believe he’ll get a chance to hoist the Universal Championship quite yet. I anticipate they will ride out Brock Lesnar’s reign until the next WrestleMania. What do you think? Comment Below!

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