Still Awaiting My Draft Night Phone Call



The NBA Draft came and went, and once again my name went uncalled.  I tried pleading my case with the Boston Celtics when they moved back to the number 3 slot, but I never got a DM.  I was very upfront and honest about my skillset, and I still did not get their attention.  

At one point last night, I got really excited by an unknown caller on my cell.  When I answered it and excitedly asked if it was Magic Johnson, the unamused lady on the other end just said “no, your rent is overdue.”  Not the call I wanted for a couple reasons.  I guess LA settled for that Ball kid.  I need to get my dad to hype me up more to the media.

I don’t know what it is; maybe the fact that I’m a 31 year old, 6′ 1”, overweight power forward?  I averaged at least 5 and 5 in my old man’s league that I played in four years ago.  I scored 18 of our 25 points during an intramural game loss in college. I grabbed the rim that one time.  I’ve only had one major knee surgery.  I really think there are 30 teams missing out on a great opportunity.  Until they call my name, I’ll be shooting hoops in the park with a chip on my shoulder, and anxiously waiting by my phone on draft night 2018.


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