Lavar Ball: Raw’s Savior ?

We have all spent several months listening to the antics of Lavar Ball. On Monday Night Raw the WWE invited Lavar and two of his sons on Miz TV (check out full video below). To be honest with you it was kind of entertaining. Lavar Ball’s wildly abrasive personality fit well with the WWE segment. I argue that Lavar Ball would make an excellent heel for fans to really just despise. Raw has really been reaching for storylines since the a brand shake up so this was one of them more entertaining reaches.


Andrew Thompson–EWrestling News


Why do we constantly see Lonzo and Lavar in the news? Is Lonzo’s dad a marketing genius? Consider this, Raw just happened to be running at the same time as the extremely underwhelming 1st edition of the NBA Awards. The world wasn’t talking about Russell Westbrook winning best dressed or MVP. They world was fixated on Lavar Ball and talking about Lonzo; a player just drafted a week prior and not having played a single quarter in the NBA stole he show.

We may hate Lavar Ball but he at least appears to know how to keep the attention on his son and steal some ratings from the NBA in the process. No the real question…Can Lonzo live up to his dad’s hype? Comment below.

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