Wake Up With Whitty – 7/1/2017

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of “Wake Up With Whitty”.  It’s a holiday weekend (unless you’re one of the unlucky folks like me that has to work on Monday still) so I decided to let everyone sleep in a little!  Hopefully this gives you a nice distraction from those obnoxious Saturday morning cartoons that your kid is watching.  Or that you’re still watching even though your kid lost interest and went off to play 20 minutes ago. It’s okay, I’ve been there.  Once you’re done watching Mickey and friends (and you’ve done the hot dog dance) feel free to come back and tell me what you think!

Wild week in the NBA

This has been a crazy past few days for the NBA.  With the NBA draft coming to a close last Thursday (check out my grades of the draft grades) things were shaping up to be a quiet week.  Then Thursday we got news of a big trade as the Los Angeles Clippers shipped Chris Paul off to Houston.  Pairing CP3 with James Harden should help the Rockets compete with the likes of he Warriors and Oklahoma City, the latter of which just pulled off a blockbuster trade themselves.  OKC managed to snag Paul George from the Pacers in a trade last evening.  I’m not sure this pushes the Thunder into super team territory yet but I think this means they’re clearly the 2nd best team out West.  At least for now, free agency is just kicking off so I’m sure there are more shake ups to come.

While maybe not as earth-shattering as a blockbuster trade or a huge free agent signing, we also had some big name players re-sign with their current teams (or sign contract extensions).  Last night we learned that Blake Griffin would be re-signing with the Clippers and Steph Curry signed a contract extension with Golden State.  Both players inked 5-year deals, Griffin for $173 million and Curry for $201 million.  Those numbers are absolutely ridiculous. I did the math and I think it would take Curry about 7 minutes of game time to earn as much as I make in a year.  I’m clearly in the wrong line of work.  Being slow, short (by NBA standards) and un-athletic probably doesn’t help me either.  This is the richest contract in NBA history, and Curry will make more money per year ($40.2 million) than any current athlete in the Big 4 US sports.  This will definitely add fuel to the fire for all the Curry haters out there, but I say “good for him.”  If you play like the best, then you get paid like the best.

Coach Cal for President


I’m sure just about every member of Big Blue Nation has said John Calipari should be president at one time or another, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.  Apparently Coach Cal reached out to the Knicks and expressed interest in their recently-vacant president of operations position.  That would be a pretty big blow to UK if they lose Calipari, who has been a master recruiter in Kentucky.  Calipari reportedly denied the claims, but that isn’t going to stop Wildcats fans from fretting just a little bit.  The Knicks also reportedly said that there wasn’t any interest on their side, but I’m interested to see how much longer Cal sticks around down in Lexington.

Trouble in Wrigleyille?

Things aren’t going so hot right now in Chicago as the Cubs currently sit at .500 and have had some ups and downs along the way.  During Tuesday’s 6-1 loss to the Washington Nationals the Cubs allowed 7 stolen bases, and Cubs catcher Miguel Montero was not happy about it after the game.  He went off to reporters about how the stolen bases were the direct result of pitcher Jake Arrieta’s slow delivery to the plate.  Stolen bases allowed is a stat largely attributed to the catcher position, but Montero contends that that isn’t fair and that the Cubs pitchers deserve the bulk of the blame.  It’s refreshing to see an organization that allows their players to speak their minds without having to worry about it negatively affecting their employment status.  Oh, by the way, Monterey was designated for assignment later in the week.  Oops…  I don’t completely disagree with Montero here, but he has to know that when you call out a star pitcher and former Cy Young winner, it’s likely not going to end well for you.  The silver lining here for Cubs fans is that they’re still only 2 games out of first in a weak NL Central division with a lot of baseball left to play, so there’s plenty of time to right the ship.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  If you like what you saw then leave a comment and let me know.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.  Have a happy Fourth of July and be sure to look out for MLB’s latest edition of the Stars and Stripes hats that they put out to every year to separate unsuspecting fans from their hard-earned money spread the spirit of patriotism around the country (you can check out DB’s review of the Reds version throughout the years here).  Stay safe out there friends, I’ll see you next weekend!

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