Tiger Woods Graduates

I am a “yooooge!” Tiger Woods fan. What has happened in the last few years (nearing a decade now) has been sad and a major blow to the golf world. There’s no denying that golf is better when Tiger is wearing red on Sunday, walking up the 18th fairway with a chance to win. Luckily, we’ve had some new talent help keep golf relevant, but to me it just doesn’t feel the same.

Today Tiger added another victory I never thought would go on his Wikipedia page; he successfully completed a “private intensive program” to help him manage the medication he’s been taking to recover from his back injuries. 

Good for Tiger. I’m glad he is getting the help he needed and before something very bad happened to him or his children. Hopefully this is the first step in him getting back on track and tearing it up on Sundays on the golf course, rather than Perkins. I’ve given up the dream of him breaking the Major championship record, but I still dream of a day where he’s relevant again and always a threat to run away with a tournament.

Continue to get better Tiger. I’ll be sitting here, ready to watch you on Sunday afternoon as I fight off a hangover-fueled nap, just like the good ol’ days.

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