Zack Cozart, Not Dodger Fans to Blame for Bench Warming Seager

SBNation -The rosters for the 2017 MLB All-Star Game have been released and, for the most part, there aren’t many glaring errors. Of course, you’ll have fans of various teams claiming that their underrated star player got snubbed in an egregious manner and the issue should be addressed by a very distinguished panel, but those arguments normally come and go without much of an issue. However, most of howling about any sort of snub is coming from Los Angeles after Corey Seager was only given a reserve spot as an all-star and Justin Turner was sent to the Final Vote.

Now, you might be thinking “Hey, it doesn’t matter how you get in the All-Star Game, it only matters that you get in,” right? That’s probably true for Seager, but with the way Turner has been playing so far this season, you could make the argument that he shouldn’t have to go through the Final Vote process. The person who is arguing that point the loudest is Kenley Jansen, who didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion on the matter. Jansen is going to Miami, but he told Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times that he blames the Dodger fans for not doing a good enough job of voting for Turner.


There was a large contingent of Dodgers fans that were upset that their second-rate (hope people can take a joke) shortstop didn’t win the All-Star Game fan vote over Cincinnati’s Zack Cozart and his donkey campaign led by Joey Votto. A lot of people were quick to point the finger at Joey and Zack for using the donkey gimmick to win the swing states. Not only did Zack win, he won in relatively convincing fashion. I’m no expert in ASG voting history, but winning by 86,117 doesn’t fit the narrative the Dodgers fans (and players, stay tuned) are trying to present as a fringe guy getting the edge on the deserving All-Star just because a future Hall of Famer promised to buy the now-All-Star a donkey. 

Kenley Jansen didn’t necessarily attack Joey and Zack for their campaign, but he took aim at Dodger fans for not turning out to the polls like he felt they should. The Dodgers are doing well in attendance this season, so it’s not like the Dodger faithful haven’t bought into their early success. For the past few seasons, the MLB has done something i 100% disagree with, which was taking away the paper ballot from the stadiums and relying solely on the online voting.

So if Kenley should be mad at anyone, he should be mad at the MLB for their lack of in-stadium voting abilities, right? Because it was only the fans that got Zack Cozart into the All-Star Game.. right.. right? Wrong

The tweet from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans says all you need to hear. Not only did the fans come out in droves for Zack Cozart and a DTBNL (donkey to be named later, if you struggle with acronyms), the PLAYERS voted Cozart in. You’ll never get me to believe the players all jumped on the donkey bandwagon for voting purposes like the supposed fan vote.

I think Kenley’s anger is misguided with Dodger fans and nobody can be to blame for Corey Seager not being voted the starter for the Midsummer Classic other than Zack Cozart and his incredible first half of the 2017 campaign.

He may not be a Red for much longer, but I hope Zack still sends us pictures of the donkey we all helped him get.

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