Lonzo Ball: Summer League Savior

Lavar’s son looked pretty impressive in his second Summer League game for the Lakers.  He notched a triple-double after a pretty dismal first game ( a 2-15 shooting performance).  Lonzo is a point guard in the true sense of the word; he’s a pass-first player with an ugly shot, that knows how to run the floor.  His bounce-back in game 2 still wasn’t enough for the Lakers to get the win against the Celtics.

I normally pay a little attention to the Summer League, but this year it’s been must-watch TV for me as a Lakers fan.  Here’s Lonzo’s highlights from his triple-double game; we’ll act like game 1 didn’t happen.

If there’s one thing I like seeing, it’s his demeanor on the court.  These games in Vegas have been drawing ridiculous crowds for Summer League games, and he’s remained composed through it all, even through his terrible shooting in game 1.  He didn’t shy away and he kept shooting, for better or worse.  That’s pretty good news for what he’s going to have to deal with in LA.  He’s emotionless to the point that it’s almost bugging me, although it’s probably good that he’s not getting too up or too down with each game (or each shot).

I’m not going to be like his daddy and predict a Rookie of the Year victory, or a Lakers playoff birth, but I’m not counting either of those things out yet.  I’ll definitely be tuned in tonight to catch the Lakers 3rd game.

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