Raw Recap 07/10/17

Welcome to another Raw Recap with Jefe; where I breakdown the latest episode of RAW and offer my predictions on future matches. Tonight’s Raw featured the continued development of storylines that should carry into SummerSlam. Last nights pay per view (Great Balls of Fire) in my opinion was an amazing success. It brought back flashes of the “Attitude Era” with a brutal end to the Ambulance Match. Titles were retained, friendships were ended, and rivalries continued. So what happened on tonight’s RAW?

A “Casshole” is Born

Cass opens Raw issuing a statement to the WWE locker room. Cass has completed his heel turn and was booed throughout his segment. Big Cass rants about his climb to the top and how he doesn’t care about getting booed. He’s eventually confronted by the largest man in the business the Big Show. The Big Show seemed to bring Cass back down to earth. I believe these two will clash again with Enzo Amore in the Big Show’s corner.

What is the plan with Finn Balor?

Balor faced off against Elias Sampson and though it was the good match it seems like a waste for a talent like Finn Balor. He was the face of the franchise before his injury, and he has struggled to gain momentum since coming back due to a roster that is loaded with big name talent. Could a Fued with the Wyatt Family and Hardy Boyz plus Balor be coming? This is my prediction since I don’t see the Rollins/Wyatt fued going much longer.

Hardyz getting Bullied

The Hardy Boyz got beat again Monday Night this time at the hands of Gallows and Anderson. You would think after a brutal iron man match just last night the dynamic tag team would get a night off, but it seems like the Red Brand is trying to set up a number one contender ahead of SummerSlam. After being beaten by Gallows/ Anderson the Hardy Boyz were then attacked by The Revival. Will the Hardyz be able to bounce back?

Lesnar/ Joe/ Reigns 

After Lesnar came out after being introduced by Kurt Angle to celebrate his successful defense of his title, Roman Reigns appeared for the first time since brutally injuring Braun Strowman. Talks of title shots were being thrown around and Samoa Joe had something to say about that; so now we have a match. Samoa Joe will face Roman Reigns next week for a #1 contender match. The winner will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam on August 20th; the WWE is playing this storyline up very well.  I believe it will ultimately lead to rematch with Samoa Joe. Who do you think will meet Lesnar at SummerSlam? (Comment Below)

Strowman Update 

Kurt Angle came out and gave a brief update on Strowman, but it seemed very short and sweet. This to me has the smell of interference all over it. I predict Strowman will interfere with Reign’s match against Samoa Joe next week and it this will lead to a handicap match in two weeks (Joe/Reigns/Strowman). Kurt also did say he has a special announcement next week which may involve a Strowman update. Either way the possible storylines with Joe, Reigns, Strowman and Lesnar seem endless.


IGN via Tumblr

Kingslayer Vs. Eater of Worlds 

Apparently Great Balls of Fire wasn’t enough to settle the fued between Bray Wyatt (Eater of Worlds and Seth Rollins (Kingslayer). Bray won again and now what…this seems like a weird fued to me. I don’t know how much longer the WWE uses this storyline. A clash with the Demon King version of Finn Balor seems obvious.

The Miztourage & Mini Shield Reunion

Could we be witnessing the start of a Shield comeback? Seth saved Ambrose from a 3 on 1 attack on Miz Tv during the Mizzie Awards. Ambrose then returned the favor at the end of Rollins’s match with Bray Wyatt when the Miz and his entourage attacked Rollins. The fans have been wanting a shield reunion for a long long time this excites me as a fan and would be the perfect storyline for both Ambrose and Rollins; then eventually Reigns could rejoin the shield.

Raw carried on from its excellent pay per view reviews. Raw is starting to get exciting again and storylines seem to be writing themselves. This should lead into an amazing SummerSlam event in August. If you have any other theories on the direction storylines are heading in the WWE please hit me up at @millironeljefe on twitter and follow @millironsports for all you sports and entertainment news !!

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