sMACkDown Recap – July 11, 2017

The powers that be at WWE rocked the pro wrestling world this past week by having the United States Championship Belt change hands at the untelevised WWE Live event at Madison Square Garden. On this week’s SmackDown they recapped the AJ Styles upset of Kevin Owens in a very creative way, by showing the event unfold through cellphone video to further drive home the point that this happened off-air and was only seen by the lucky “few” that filled Madison Square Garden. I’m not sure what their angle is, other than possibly trying to drum up some interest in their WWE Live events? But if they were going to do that, it would make sense to do it at an event that wouldn’t normally be gangbusters at the box office like any WWE event they hold in NYC.

As the new United States Champion, AJ Styles issued an open challenge for the belt, which I think would play better if it was the anti-American Owens that challenged all comers, but maybe that’s why I’m not writing for WWE, although I’m not sure they could match my Milliron Sports salary. 

John Cena, the most American man on the SmackDown roster, came out ready to accept the challenge and it appeared the match was going to happen. That is, until KO fat-guy-walked down the ramp to let everyone know nobody cared about another Cena-Styles match (and he’s probably not wrong).

Once you get past the fact that Kevin Owens constantly looks like he’s fighting some wicked thigh chaffing, he cuts a pretty good promo and holds his own with Styles and Cena on the mic.

Oh yeah, Rusev jumped John Cena and KO attacked Styles. Guess what?!? That just so happens to set up a tag team main event. *eyes roll at predictability of recent storylines* 


Mean guy “from India” beats up fellow-Canadian

In a match that did nothing for either wrestler’s current storylines, Jinder Mahal took time away from the weight room to beat up Tye Dillinger. Tye was hyped coming out of NXT, but they’ve failed to do much with his character and getting rag dolled by Jinder doesn’t do much to help him. I will give Jinder Mahal credit though; he is starting to take on the badass vibe I always got from Razor Ramon. Now if we can only get him to perfect the toothpick toss.

After his victory, Jinder called out Randy Orton and told him he’d be bringing the Punjabi Prison with him to next week’s SmackDown. I wonder how big of a duffle bag that entails.


New Day vs. Uso feud continues

Even though it’s not like the good ol’ days when there were a handful of stables running the show, I am a sucker for one-on-one matches between members of prominent tag teams.

Vince – I know you read this blog.. please get more stables going. The Shield would be swell, but a heel stable that is always willing to ruin the day of unsuspecting foes would be much appreciated. Thanks, pal. See you at the gym tomorrow morning. 

Xavier Woods defeated Jey Uso after the rest of the tag team members were ejected from ringside. It would take a break up of New Day or Enzo moving to SmackDown, but I think Xavier Woods vs. Enzo would be a good match-up despite both of them being fan favorites.


This is what dreams are made of


“First ever” match that never happened, but subscribe to WWE Network to see it! 

They promoted the Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin fight as the first time the two superstars would meet. Only one problem: the match never happened. Baron Corbin stopped halfway down the ramp to taunt fans about being the Money in the Bank contract holder and Shinsuke attacked him, with part of the battle spilling over into the crowd. If you want to see their first official match, you’ll have to wait for the upcoming SmackDown PPV, Battleground on July 23rd.

While we’re on the subject of Shinsuke Nakamura, can we make his intro five minutes longer? That’s not sarcasm either. Nothing is cooler than watching SmackDown in my blacked out basement on my 100-inch projection screen (not to brag) with the sound cranked up loud enough to enjoy, but not loud enough to wake the neighbors.


Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch (aka Bae) vs. Natalya and Tamina

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of zoned out during this tag team match because I was caught up in the happenings of the MLB All-Star Game. Despite being a huge Becky Lynch advocate, It was hard for me to care much about this forced tag team match because I’m not a huge fan of Natalya or Tamina, and I’m generally annoyed with how they’re billing Charlotte. Is she going to be a heel or a fan-favorite-Flair? It looks like they’re going the route of fan favorite, but it wouldn’t shock me if she turned on her fellow faces at the 5-Way Elimination Match at Battleground.


Another quality Breezango promo 


Team America

This was a great match with four of SmackDown’s best talents (ring skill and mic work) all in the ring at the same time. John Cena secured the victory for he and AJ, who for the time being made amends and could have solved WWE’s problem of two fan favorites clashing, while lining them up for a co-feud against foreign-born Rusev and Kevin Owens beyond just Battleground. USA! USA! USA!

Thanks for checking in for this week’s sMACdDown Recap. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @MillironMac if you want to talk WWE and compare dream stable scenarios. My stables would dominate yours, but we can still have fun talking about it.

If you missed RAW, be sure to check out Jefe’s recap so you’re not out of the loop when your boss wants to discuss Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar and what WWE has in store for Finn Balor. 

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