That’s so Athens 

The Milliron Sports crew is embarking on an awesome adventure this Saturday. We are returning to our home away from home; Ohio University for Ohio Brew Week. A trip to Athens no matter how long or short the stay always provides endless stories. It also brings back a lot of memories, and obviously with the reputation of being a highly ranked party school most memories are about drunken nights. I have a couple of stories I’d like to share that come to mind every time I think Athens.

My first favorite college memory involves Mac, DB,  another college buddy, and me. It begins with DB, Mac, and I reaching our first milestone as Bobcats by turning twenty-one. In our new-found legal drinking age we decided on a random night during the week to go grab a beer uptown.(Heading uptown to Court Street is just so Athens) The plan was to grab “A” beer. The night then quickly turned into a full on mini shuffle to several of the bars up town. This would be the first of many wild random shuffles in college. Mac and I were notorious for going out for a wing nights that would turn into to full on bar shuffles and a wing night.


My second favorite memory of many drunken goofy nights in Athens showcases Whitty. As you get to know the Milliron crew you will realize we all love beer, but we also love the food that comes with a night of excessive beer drinking. The problem is we would also eventually get tired and pass out. You would always know it was a good night when you would see a bag of delivery food hanging from our front door. This happened on several occasions because Whitty would order a late night food delivery and pay using a credit card, so the driver would have no choice but to leave the already paid for food at our doorstep. Around 11am the next day Whitty would wake up to a delicious hang over cure. This my friends is about as Athens as it gets. It also is part of the reason why the town will always have a special place in my heart and it will definitely contribute to my inevitable heart attack.

As we go on our adventure this weekend to introduce Milliron Sports (@MillironSports on twitter) to the students of OU, I hope we create some more great memories. Please share your favorite Athens stories in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @millironeljefe !

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