Countdown to Kickoff: 46 Days

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46.  Ohio State had a +46 point differential in the 4th quarter in 2016, which was their worst quarter last year.  You can make the argument that this is partially because in their blowout victories, which they had a few of, they took their feet off the gas and put in the 2nd and 3rd stringers.  That may be true in some cases but even in their close games the 4th quarter was a little bit tighter.  The worst game was obviously against Penn State, where the Buckeyes were outscored 17-0 in the 4th quarter of a 24-21 loss, the only blemish on OSU’s regular season record last year.  They’re going to have to finish strong and close out games if they want a chance at the Big 10 title and potential playoff birth.  It all comes down to consistency.  It honestly seemed like there were two different Buckeyes teams last year.  When they’re at their best it’s hard for anyone to beat them.  The problem is making sure they perform at their best.

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