Raw Recap 07/17/17

The WWE had its universe of fans buzzing all week about what Kurt Angle’s mysterious announcement would be this week on Raw. It is no surprise that they would use the first two hours of the show to tease this announcement attempting to keep fans on the edge of their seats. 

Shield! Shield! Shield!

I am one of those WWE fanboys that has wanted a Shield reunion for so long. The Shield was the team of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns and they had such an NWO/Attitude era feel. If the WWE plans on reuniting this team it would be so amazing, but for now we will have to take next weeks mini reunion when Ambrose/ Rollins take on the Miz & the Miztourage. Do you think we are witnessing a shield rebirth?

Bayley Vs. Bliss

Bayley faces off against Alexa Bliss. Nia Jax gets involved and Sasha Banks comes to the rescue. Big yawn! The WWE needs to figure out what direction they want to go with the Women’s Championship. It’s getting boring watching the same match every week. Hopefully the match next week for number one contender (Banks Vs. Bayley) brings some excitement to a stale division.

Enzo the Mouth is silenced by Big Cass Beat Down

Finn and Bray on Collison Course 

Elias Sampson feels like Finn Balor has been upstaging him in recent weeks, so the two met in the ring again to try to settle their beef. Sampson controlled the beginning of the match until Balor caught fire. As it looked like Balor was about to finish Sampson he cracked Balor in the head with his guitar and was disqualified. This wasn’t even the most exciting part of the match it would appear the fued between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor is heating up. After the match Bray addressed Balor and his plans to destroy him. This I hope will the unveiling of the Demon King to take on the Eater of Worlds. Who do you like in this fued?

Kurt Angle’s Big Annoucement 

With about an hour left in the show it was the moment we all waited for, Angle’s big announcement! Angle has shared with the world that he is Jason Jordan’s father. The Maury-esk WWE antics were not what I expected, but the Jason Jordan push to the top is seems to be upon us. This left many in the WWE universe underwhelmed.

Reigns Vs. Joe 

This was a great match the two main eventers laid it on the line. Unfortunately the ending was predictable; BRAUUUUUNNNN! That’s right folks a Braun Strowman interference that led to a Roman Reigns beat down and a no contest to end the match. This will more than likely lead to a handicap match for the number one contender spot and the right to face Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Overall I would say this was a good episode of Raw; they did a great job of creating/ maintaining storylines leading into what should an action packed SummerSlam pay per view in August. This concludes another RAW Recap with Jefe; as always If you have any other theories on the direction storylines are heading in the WWE please hit me up at @millironeljefe on twitter and follow @millironsports for all you sports and entertainment news !!

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