sMACkDown Recap – July 18, 2017

It’s the go-home match of SmackDown leading up to the Battleground PPV this Sunday, July 23rd, which means it’s time to put the final touches on all of the rivalries that have been forced.. I mean, building since the last PPV. Smackdown has been the better of the two brands of late, in my opinion, but I’ll be glad to see some of the programs being worked finally end. 

The Punjabi Prison has arrived. I know it’s brutal for camera work and looks like crap when you’re watching a match in any sort of cage match, or even worse, the double walls of bamboo in the Punjabi Prison, but I’m a huge sucker for gimmick matches like this. This opening was perfect, setting up the rules of the Punjabi Prison match for people who have never seen it before. Not to mention, we got a badass camera shot of Randy Orton hitting his signature pose from the top of the outer layer of the Punjabi Prison.  

Does anyone care about this Uso vs. New Day rivalry? I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get into it. Jimmy Uso wins.. ho hum. Hopefully Battleground is the last we see of this rivalry, regardless of who walks away with the Tag Team Title.

Renee Young and Chad Gable promo was cringe-worthy. Renee was fine, but maybe Chad could use a few acting classes. This brief (but still too long) segment only reminded me of the terrible storyline introduced last night on RAW, where Kurt Angle is Jason Jordan’s biological father.

The booking of Zayn has been a huge disappointment. There. I said it. He’s one of the best talents on the SmackDown roster right now and he hasn’t been used correctly. I had high hopes when he was brought over from Monday Night RAW, but he still hasn’t gotten the chances I feel he deserves. Perhaps a Mike Kanellis vs. Sami Zayn feud is being used to elevate each Superstar, but it sure doesn’t feel like they have much in store for Sami at this point, considering they had Mike Kanellis defeat him in his debut.

I’m loving this John Cena – Rusev feud. Rusev has made a career out of being the anti-American foe, so being pitted against the most American Superstar on the roster in a Flag Match is only fitting. I hope the match can live up to the hype and isn’t a total dud. Unless Vince McMahon plans on pushing Rusev as the super heel with no redeeming qualities, I can’t see Cena losing this match on Sunday. Rusev is too good and too funny on the mic to be put over as the mega-heel they’re already building in the likes of Jinder Mahal.

Although I like both Charlotte and Becky Lynch and their rekindled friendship, it was nice to see them battle rather than the same stale matches we seem to get every week in the Women’s division. Even though Becky beat Charlotte with The Disarmer, they managed to keep the two babyfaces on the same side of the rivalry in the Women’s division by having Natalya, Tamina and Lana gang up on Charlotte and Becky. The ending of this appears to place Tamina as the favorite to win Sunday, which I hope is just to throw us off since she, in my opinion, is not worthy of a push on the main roster.  

They done did it again, folks. Breezango meets X-Files

Another day, another entrance interrupted. Is it possible for a match involving Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin to start without some sort of interference? I don’t really care for this feud, but I am excited for the tease of a possible feud between AJ Styles and Nakamura that took place backstage earlier in the show. 

Oh yeah, KO and Corbin defeated Team Styles/Nakamura.

Hope everyone makes it through the rest of the week while we wait for Battleground on Sunday. Be sure to hit me up on Twitter @MillironMac to chat about pro wrestling and how perfect Becky Lynch is.

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