Raw Recap 07/24/17

Monday Night Raw returned tonight with its focus towards building storylines ahead of SummerSlam. It was an action packed show and it appears SummerSlam is being built up to be a huge blockbuster. Will major titles change hands at the upcoming Pay Per View and will SummerSlam be able to live up to the hype that is being built around it?

Lesnar Vs. Three Beast

Raw kicked off with another Kurt Angle announcement; this time it was to announce who would meet Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Do you think any of these competitors have what it takes to knock off the Beast? One thing is for sure it will be a hell of a match up.

No #DQMatch Balor Seeks Revenge

Finn on has one thing in mind and that is revenge. Balor was a victim of a vicious head shot from Elias Sampson’s Guitar. This was a back a forth match and as Balor looked to finished Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere to hit the Sister Abigail and give Sampson the victory. Bray and Finn’s rivalry should be a great storyline for the Red Brand.

Enzo on the mic is 🔥 but what’s next?

I always enjoy Enzo Amore on the mic, but this rivalry with Big Cass is getting old. They need to figure out a new direction with each superstar. They have built the heel turn of Cass up enough it’s time to move on.

Bayley Vs. Banks for Title Shot

This was a really good match between best friends, but we will see how this turns out by the time SummerSlam rolls around. With Bayley winning I predict we will see a Sasha Banks heel turn and a triple threat match for SummerSlam. What do you think?

Jason Jordan’s Debut

In a strange storyline by RAW it was announced last week that he was Jason Jordan’s biological father. Tonight Jason Jordan debut impressive match but weird way to build up a superstar.

Hardy Boys Get Some

Tired of being beat on the last couple weeks the high flying duo of the Hardy Boys ran out to break up the tag match tonight (The Revival Vs. Gallows &a Anderson). This is likely leading to 3 way tag match next week. Hopefully this can rebuild the excitement in the tag division.

The Mini-Shield Faces the Miztourage

I have been so vocal about my desire for a Shield reunion. I had to settle for the Mini-Shield Monday when Ambrose/ Rollins took on the Miz/ Miztourage in a 2 on 3 tag match. I think it will be a while before Roman Reigns rejoins the team if he ever does, but man did the Mini Shield look good. This was my favorite match of the night I hope to see many more matches featuring this duo. Are you excited for this reunion?

I have really been busy buoying Raw the last couple weeks. They have done such a great job of creating/ maintaining storylines leading into what should an action packed SummerSlam pay per view in August. This concludes another RAW Recap with Jefe; as always If you have any other theories on the direction storylines are heading in the WWE please hit me up at @millironeljefe on twitter and follow @millironsports for all you sports and entertainment news !!

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