King Saban Wants to Change NCAA Football Scheduling Because He’s Bored with Winning Everything

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ESPN – Alabama coach Nick Saban has a theory for the College Football Playoff that he thinks is “so far out” that nobody will listen to him.

“We should play all teams in the Power 5 conferences,” Saban said Wednesday. “If we did that, then if we were going to have bowl games, we should do the bowl games just like we do in the NCAA basketball tournament — not by record but by some kind of power rating that gets you in a bowl game. If we did that, people would be a little less interested in maybe bowl games and more interested in expanding the playoff.”

Shut up, Nick. Well, I mean… I kinda agree with you in some aspects, but shut up. While it’s absurd that 6 wins can get you a bowl berth, I’m not a fan of the expanded playoff system and the Power 5 conferences keeping to themselves throughout the regular season. 

As a season ticket holder for the Ohio Bobcats (not to brag), I’ll get to see Kansas come to Athens for a #MACtion beat down on our home turf (one week after upsetting Purdue in West Lafayette, mind you). That is what I love about college football. Sure, the conference match-ups breed some of the most tense rivalries, but there’s nothing better when teams from outside of the Power 5 give a big program a scare. Or even better yet, beat them.

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I think I can meet Little Nicky somewhere in the middle here. If he wants to eliminate the junk match-ups, then make it a rule that to be eligible for the College Football Playoff, you can’t have any FCS schools on your schedule. That’s a rule I could get down with. Will the FCS schools miss their big paydays for going into Alabama and getting beat 70-3? Sure. Will we miss epic moments like Appalachian State beating Michigan in Ann Arbor? Sure. But those moments are so few and far between that it’s hard to justify that as a reason to allow teams from the Power 5 to regularly schedule cupcakes to fill the weeks between conference rivalries.

Leave the thinking and rule change scenarios up to us bloggers, Nick. We’ll stick to what we do best, and you can stick to not smiling as you hoist the Dr. Pepper College Football Playoff National Championship. Deal? Deal. Roll Tide*


*I almost threw up in my mouth when typing that.

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