sMACkDown Recap – July 25, 2017


After a lackluster PPV in Battleground this past Sunday, WWE needed to bring it on this week’s SmackDown to keep the Blue Brand relevant. Did they do it? Maybe, but I still think they have a lot to make up for after their recent flop. 

Kevin Owens flaunts his “new title” after winning back the United States Championship at Battleground after AJ Styles defeated him in a house show earlier this month. I love Kevin Owens and New Face of America gimmick, and it’s even better when he’s rocking the suit. After re-opening the United States Open Challenge for his title (starting next week, because in his words, nobody in Richmond, VA is worthy), AJ Styles comes out and demands a rematch.


Jericho has returned to get the rematch he believes he deserves, but AJ Styles isn’t thrilled that he is trying to jump ahead of him as the #1 contender, but Jericho doesn’t see it that way. He is the rightful challenger for K.O.’s title; and do you know what happens when people cut in line in front of Jericho in line AJ? (shout out to the poor old man at the grocery store that Jericho punched and put in the Walls of Jericho in front of aisle 7)… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST

Shane McMahon, fresh off his close call with death in a helicopter crash landing (in real life, not a WWE storyline), came out and announced that K.O.’s title would be defended tonight in a Triple Threat Match with Jericho and AJ Styles getting their fair shot at the United States Championship.

I’m sorry if this keeps annoying you, but I am sick of the Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura feud.. Unless this is just the lead up to Shinsuke getting a push to challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship [*spoiler alert*], I don’t see the point in it. Shinsuke is a top tier talent that has the possibility to be a top seller in merchandise for a long time. Having him get bullied by Baron Corbin does nothing for his legitimacy as a star. If this feud isn’t ended soon, I’m afraid Shinsuke will never get over and the fans will be more excited for his entrance than his actual matches, which is slowly becoming the case. Sure, he won this week’s battle, but the next time Corbin rag dolls him during an entrance or cheap shots him for cheap heat, all momentum is lost.

I am digging Team Becky Lynch and Charlotte. I know they came up through the ranks as friends, but I think Charlotte is a great babyface and while she was a stellar heel, her recent run as a babyface has been my favorite stretch of her’s in the WWE so far. Why is Rusev not Lana’s arm candy? Are they afraid she’ll be overshadowed by Rusev standing ringside? I think the WWE is really missing an opportunity for pairing male and female talent in stables other than that nerd Ellsworth and Carmella. It makes me miss the days of DX where Chyna was just another member of the faction. Thank God Char-Becks (that’s what I’m gonna call them now that the third member of PCB is off doing whatever with Alberto Del Rio) beat Lana and Tamina. I think the next match Tamina loses should be her last. Win or go home. I doubt I can get Shane and Daniel Bryan on board with that, but it’s worth a try.

John Cena: Foreign Threat Neutralizer 

Fresh off his Flag Match win over Rusev at WWE Battleground, John Cena decided to answer the bell when Jinder Mahal demanded an opponent for SummerSlam.

Not so fast, my friend *Lee Corso voice*

Daniel Bryan came out to ruin his brother-in-law’s pep rally with the news that he would be taking on Shinsuke Nakamura next week on SmackDown in a “Dream Match” to determine who will face Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam with the WWE Championship on the line. I’m looking forward to this matchup, whether you want to call it a dream match or not (I’m not). Anything to help push Shinsuke is fine by me and I’m not a fan of the idea of John Cena breaking the WWE Championship record against Jinder Mahal of all people. They need to save that for WrestleMania when he has a chance to steal the title from someone who will be remembered as more than a steroid fueled mediocre wrestler that wasn’t deserving of the main event push he got. I’m not bitter.

Is Maria Kanellis hot? I’m not sure, but I look forward to continuing my investigation. Also, Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger are a fun tag team that I hope we see more of.

Flip Flop. AJ Styles is back on top. The United States Championship Belt changed hands again after Styles pinned Chris Jericho to steal the title back from K.O. in the Triple Threat Match. I like this element of “K.O. didn’t truly lose the belt”, but I think a better story line would have been for Jericho to willingly take the fall early in the match for AJ to win the title as payback for K.O.’s shit he pulled at the Festival of Friendship. Hit me up Vince, I have more ideas I’d like to share. While I’m tossing ideas out there, who decided AJ Styles was going to wear wide receiver gloves? Is he expecting a flag football game to break out without a moment’s notice? Time to update the gear..


Thanks for checking out an other edition of the sMACkDown Recap. Be sure to hit me up on Twitter @MillironMac to talk shop and trade ideas on how we’d make the Blue Brand a better place for fellow fans. Also be sure to check out Jefe’s weekly RAW Recaps for updates on all things happening on the Red Brand.

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