Countdown to Kickoff: 32 Games

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32.  Jack Tatum, who wore #32 during his time at Ohio State, was one of the toughest football players of all time. His hard-hitting, often violent, style of play earned him the nickname “The Assassin”. He was an intimidating presence, but he was as talented as he was vicious. Tatum was a two-time All American while at Ohio State and a three-time pro bowler during his career with the Oakland Raiders. He won a National Championship while at OSU and was part of a Super Bowl winning team with the Raiders. He’s a member of the Ohio State Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. With the emphasis on player safety, and with the increased focus on concussions and the effect they have on players during and after their career, you don’t often see players like Tatum anymore. And maybe that’s ultimately for the best, as player safety (both short-term and long-term) should be a top priority. But if you listen to any football fan from that era they’ll tell you how exciting it was to watch.

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