Countdown to Kickoff: 30 Days

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30. JT Barrett has recorded 30 rushing attempts twice in his career, his highest single-game rushing attempt total. Coincidentally, both of Barrett’s 30-attempt games came against Michigan (2015 and 2016). I’ve never been a big fan of utilizing the quarterback like a second (or first) running back. Having a quarterback that is a threat to run is a huge asset, but if that is his primary function then you start to limit yourself. It’s a great dynamic to have, especially when a play breaks down, and a well-timed QB draw can be a game changer if you can catch the defense off guard, but I hate to see teams abandon the pass in favor of the QB run. I think JT is a talented passer when given the opportunity, and I hope Kevin Wilson can get him playing at his full potential. If he can mix in 10-15 rush attempts a game, I think that would be a good mix. Except for when he rushes 30 times for 250 yards and 4 touchdowns against Michigan. Anything goes against that team up north.

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