Raw Recap 07/31/17

Raw kicked off Monday night with a couple disappointments for me. First off I discovered Kurt Angle was from Pittsburgh so I don’t know if I can like him anymore. Secondly they made a Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champs reference less then two minutes into the show. Being the consummate professional I am I will move past it and do my regularly scheduled RAW Recap. By Being the bigger man and recapping a episode of RAW hosted in ShitsPittsburgh; I expect lots of comments and likes on this post.

Brock Kicks Off Raw

Brock Lesnar and his Advocate Paul Heyman interrupted Kurt Angle as he kicked of RAW in his home town. Heyman shared his disapproval of the Fatal 4 Way match set for SummerSlam; he thinks it is all a conspiracy to steal the title from Brock. If he loses Heyman says him and his client are leaving the WWE. Is this setting up for a title switch at SummerSlam? I think Lesnar retains in 3 weeks with an F5. What are your thoughts?

Tag Teams Clash Post Match

Miz is My Favorite Wrestler

The Miz kicked off his lastest installment of Miz TV by saying; “I can’t tell you how much I hate this city.” Congratulations Miz you have a life long fan and you are welcome anytime on The Nati Boys Podcast. Miz TV brought us an interview with Jason Jordan where Miz would offer a position on the Miztourage to Jordan. When Jordan refused the offer in classic Miz reaction he then berated him. Jason Jordan eventually heard enough and suplexed him into the Miztourage. Looks like the two will battle for the Intercontinental Title and I predict Jason Jordan will win the title. Is this the next step in the climb to the top for Jason Jordan?

Mini Shield Possible Feud with Tag Champs

After an interview with Renee Young where she questioned a Shield Reunion. Ambrose was clear he will never trust Seth Rollins again. So why did he come to Rollins aide when he was attacked by Cesaro after a one on one match victory against Sheamus. Are we witnessing the start of an amazing tag team feud? God I hope so !!

Finn Finally Confronts Bray

Triple Threat Between Contenders

The main event of RAW was a SummerSlam teaser minus Brock Lesnar. This was a wild match and all the contenders controlled the match up at some point. Towards the end of the match Samoa Joe seized control of the match up and was looking to submit Roman Reigns; that’s is until Strowman made his way back into the ring to break up the submission attempt. Strowman then tried to regain control but was stopped by a “Superman” punch from Roman Reigns. As Strowman wobbled Reigns delivered a spear and got the pin fall. Add Brock Lesnar into the mix and this is going to be one hell of a main event at SummerSlam. Do you think Lesnar makes it out of SummerSlam as the champ? I don’t think he does they seem to be stacking everything against him unless they are trying to set him up as an unstoppable force.

This concluded another RAW Recap with Jefe if you want to talk more with me about WWE hit me up on twitter @millironeljefe and follow @millironsports for all you sports and pop culture news!!


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