Vontaze Does the Most Vontaze Thing and Tries to Hurt Gio Bernard

Will this dude ever learn? Vontaze Burfict wasn’t passed on by all other teams in the 2012 NFL Draft because he’s not talented. He could be one of the best linebackers in the NFL. The other 31 teams in the NFL were smart enough not to draft him because of shit like this.


Giovani Bernard is recovering from a torn ACL that ended his 2016 season and is by all accounts ahead of schedule on his return. He should be fine to take part in the non-contact drills at camp, right? Well, maybe non-contact drills that don’t involve Vontaze Burfict.

The idiocy that surrounds this move by Burfict is infuriating. Trying to get in the head of him is a waste of time, because I’m certain no other human on the planet thinks the way he does. Luckily, Gio escaped the stupidity of Vontaze this time and everyone came away healthy.

Is he exciting to watch disrupt opposing teams’ backfields? Yes. Does this outweigh the dumb shit he does that always seems to bite the Bengals in the ass at the wrong time? I’m not so sure anymore.

While I try to make up my mind, I’ll at least make one request for Vontaze. If you’re gonna try to injure a player on your own team, can it be someone I don’t like and probably doesn’t deserve to still have a job like Pacman? I’d say Andre Smith but we all know he’ll be in a walking boot on his own accord come Week 5.

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