The Little League World Series Needs Better PED Testing

Ever since 37 year old Danny Almonte struck out every twelve-year-old on the planet, I doubt the LLWS would let another man-child sneak into the Preteen Summer Classic. Maybe the little dude is juicing? Do they even test for PEDs in the Little League World Series? If not, they should start.

RIP #3 on the white team. That was rough. This is the kind of shit that happens when you get thrown into your older brother’s game because they ran out of pitchers. Check that kid for stubble, because he just hit a grown man boom shot (Bombsauce, if you will).

On Sunday, Peachtree City’s Jayce Blalock did his best Aaron Judge impression and tested the universe’s limits as to how far a baseball can be hit. Are we dealing with a Rookie of the Year situation where Jayce got hurt, some tendons healed too tight and now he can’t help but hit the ball a country mile every time he steps up to the plate? We may never know, but I hope his team advances to Williamsport so we can see more of his moon shots.

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