RAW Recap 08/07/17

SummerSlam is just two weeks away and man do we have a lot of rivalries being built over the last couple weeks. Most of the matches are set, but several of the opponents still have to be determined. Next week marks the final week before the August 20th pay per view; so expect the RAW and Smackdown to continue building matches for the event.  This will be one of the biggest events of the year outside of WrestleMania. So what storylines were made clearer for us on this edition of the RAW Recap?

Miz/ Miztourage Meet the Beast

This is becoming a familiar kickoff to RAW. Miz and the Miztourage getting put in their place for running their mouth to the wrong superstar. Their target on this Monday being Jason Jordan that is until his dad (Kurt Angle) would interrupt and introduce the actual guest on MIZ TV….BROCK LESNAR (Paul Heyman Voice). Miz turned his flurry of trash talk at the beast then Heyman said, “Let my client give you a preview of SummerSlam.” Brock made short work of the Miz and Miztourage hitting his signature move (F-5) on all of them. Brock will face a much more uphill battle at SummerSlam.

Rollins Sheamus Rematch 

Sheamus stole the victory in the second meeting thanks to a Cesaro distraction. Rollins was not happy and attacked the tag team champs post match the numbers weren’t in his favor though. Ambrose warned him he would not help him again and he stuck to his word as the tag champs destroyed Rollins leaving him in the middle of the ring alone and defeated.

Ambrose Takes on Cesaro

Bruiser meets athletic freak for what in my opinion was a nominee for match of the night. These two superstars beat the hell out of each other. Cesaro isn’t human and Ambrose feels zero pain; there is truly no way to get beat on like that and not pass out from exhaustion. After about a half an hour or more of throwing their bodies all around the ring/ floor Sheamus would try to interfere and distract Ambrose. Ambrose would get the roll up victory on Cesaro after a failed suplex.  After the match they would beat on Dean until Rollins came to his aide even though Ambrose failed to help Rollins earlier when he was attacked. Ambrose finally reached out for the famous Shield fist bump but was denied by Rollins. This I believe will eventually lead to an all out Shield reunion and I am pumped. How do you feel about a Shield reunion?

Bayley Out at SummerSlam

Bayley is out for her match for the Women’s Championship at the upcoming pay per view with a shoulder injury. So two triple threat matches were held to determine the two women’s superstars that would battle for the opportunity in a couple weeks at Alexa Bliss’s title. After the completion of the two matches we have a match between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax on next weeks RAW. Sasha has Nia’s number I think she goes on to face Bliss at SummerSlam. Who would you like to see battle Alexa Bliss?

Big Cass KO’d by The Big Show

Casshole interrupts match and gets to take a nap shortly after. How long can RAW go with the Cass/ Enzo/ Big Show story? This is losing its luster each week they need to do more with Cass’s heel turn in my opinion. I see him as superstar but having him feud with Enzo is getting a bit old. So switching it to a Big Show/ Cass match at SummerSlam is the smart move in my opinion.

Balor/ Wyatt a Wild Feud

This is a weird an interesting feud at some point we should see Balor’s alter ego (Demon King). I figure this will happen once Wyatt establishes a clear upper hand on the mind games with Balor. They started that tonight with Balor saying…”Bray Wyatt gives me the creeps.” Most of the WWE universe would agree with Finn Balor he’s very creepy. I like this feud and really help we get to see the Demon King and equally creepy character.

Strowman/ Reigns Another Slobber Knocker

The match of the night belong to these two guys who clearly can’t stand each other. Even though we have seen these guys brutally beat down each other week after week; the WWE universe can’t seem to get enough of it. The added interference by Samoa Joe put this match as a clear winner of match of the night. The question is: Can all three of these superstars put aside their differences and work together to beat Brock Lesnar? SummerSlam’s match should be an all out war between all involved (Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar) in the “fatal 4 way” main event.



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