Zeke Suspended 6 Games, Proving Once Again That Roger Goodell Has No Idea What He’s Doing


It’s hard to have any confidence in the NFL’s leadership when they are so wildly off-base with the bulk of their punishments.

NFL sees video proof of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancé in an elevator: 2 games

NFL hears kicker Josh Brown admit to physically abusing his wife: 1 game

NFL sees no charges filed against Zeke because of inaccuracies in the stories: 6 games

I’m not going to say that Zeke is innocent; I wasn’t there obviously.  The entire story of what happened during that week-long stretch seems crazy, whether it’s true or not.  I would agree that Zeke isn’t very mature, and some of the crap he’s done recently has been a bad pattern of behavior (exposing some titties, and driving over 100MPH aren’t exactly good looks), but a 6 game suspension is hardly warranted.

If I were a Dallas fan, I’d be losing my shit.  I know he’ll appeal, and it will be cut down to a couple games, but if I were Jerry Jones, I’d be livid.  Good thing I don’t have him as my keeper in my fantasy league.


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