RAW Recap 08/14/17

Well folks we only have six days until the biggest party of the summer. WWE's pay per view SummerSlam is this Sundays, and it will be a joint brand show. You will have to  follow @MillironMac for all the updates on Smackdown leading into this jammed packed show. The build on both sides is clear though; we may possibly see the two top titles switch hands. Tonight's installment of RAW was all about the final push to  SummerSlam and it was a crazy show.


WWE Universe I said it weeks ago and many of you thought it…We have a Shield Reunion (Minus Reigns). I am so pumped to see these two shake up what has become a relatively stale Tag Team Division, the first test being the team of Cesaro/ Sheamus. This is going to be a very physical battle. I believe Rollins/Ambrose will be victorious and will reign over the tag division for a while, or at least have a great rivalry with Sheamus/Cesaro. What are you thoughts?

The Boss will take on Bliss

"The Boss" Sasha Banks will officially meet the "Queen of Mean" Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam; Banks defeated Nia Jax in the qualifying match for Sunday's pay per view. It seems like Nia Jax can't get her shot she is presented as unstoppable until she faces Sasha Banks or Bayley. Until Nia Jax turns heel on her friendship with Bliss she will continue to play this role of unstoppable until it matters. I think the same is to be said about Sasha Banks if Bayley was still champ. I predict "The Boss" knocks off Bliss and we get an unexpected heel turn from injured Bayley. How do you see this division playing out if Bliss is dethroned?

Bray/ Finn Rivalry Boils Over Finally

After a strange match that ended in Bray Wyatt dumping what appeared to be blood on Finn Balor we finally get to ask the question I have been wondering since this rivalry began. Can a Demon defeat an Eater of Worlds? Sunday will offer a great conclusion to this awesome rivalry.

Cass Sets a Trap

Cass finally got the last laugh and he may have eliminated Big Show's greatest weapon. Big Cass suckered Enzo and Big Show into coming out to the ring to meet face to face one more time before Show and Him Clash Sunday. The Big show and Enzo seemed to have the upper hand based on numbers. That was until Anderson/Gallows would interfere. Once all three of them gained control over Big Show they would concentrate on damaging the right hand that had delivered multiple knockout punches to Cass over the last couple weeks. The storyline would later say Big Show's hand could be broken. Basically with this rivalry it needs to end its stale and predictable. They are trying to make Cass hated they have succeeded now move on.

Cruiserweights Finally Entertaining

I have been a very big critic of the Cruiserweight division in WWE…most the fans don't pay attention to it. I'm pretty sure the purple ropes where removed at live events for this reason. This match was different these two competitors have been on a collision course and this was a great match. It could have easily got lost in this episode with everything that happened, but this was one of my favorite matches of the night. It was a great start to drive interest into the division, but they must do more. What about Enzo to the Cruiserweight division?

Universal Title Challengers and Champion Cross Paths One more Time!

No words can do this justice…simply put this will be a slobber knocker!


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