RAW Recap 08/21/17

Welcome to another edition of the RAW Recap with El Jefe where I like to offer my prediction on things to come based on a review of each weeks episode. Monday night RAW kicked off  back in Brooklyn following a wild SummerSlam. With the biggest party of the summer over the “Red Brand” wasted no time on Monday setting storylines for the next pay per view event; No Mercy (September 24th). No Mercy promises to be an event full of score settling and could see the rise of new superstars.

No One Holds a Grudge like BRAUN !!!!

Lesnar kicked off RAW by boasting about his victory at SummerSlam; with all the odds stacked against him Lesnar defeated the competition and now seems untouchable. Enter the only man who refuses to go away without obliterating everything in his path first;  Braun Strowman has his eyes on the Universal Championship and Brock is in his way. I predicted this match up before it was set, and I am pumped to see these two monsters battle it out for the title. Can Braun Strowman finally defeat the undisputed champ?

Down Goes Big Cass

Big Cass and Enzo Amore clashed in a no-DQ Street Brawl. This match was controlled by Cass pretty much start to finish; that’s until he tried to deliver a big boot to Amore who would duck out of the way and Cass crashed to the floor. It is always hard to tell what is scripted in the WWE; but I believe Cass is really hurt he fell very awkwardly on his knee when he landed outside of the ring.  He was also unable to continue the match which obviously never really happens in a no DQ match. In all honesty this may be the best thing that could happen to the rivalry as it is very dried up and needs to end. It does suck for Cass if he is actually injured considering this is right in the middle of him turning heel.

Ambrose & Rollins Tag Champs

Ambrose and Rollins are the tag champs; god that feels good to say. I have wanted these two to join back up since The Shield parted ways. They set an open challenge on Monday that was answered by the Hardy Boys. The WWE universe has been buzzing over this match up and it did not disappoint. RAW has a golden opportunity to have an excellent tag team division and they should ride the mini shield reunion as long as possible. I predict a three-way tag team battle at No Mercy putting Sheamus/Cesaro and the Hardy Boys against the team of Ambrose/Rollins. I see Ambrose & Rollins holding the titles for quite a while until the ultimately clash again with Ambrose turning on Rollins this time around.

Bliss gets her Rematch

Sasha Banks finally broke her Brooklyn Championship curse. She will have her first title defense next week on RAW. I believe Banks will retain because of a DQ, and this rivalry will carry into No Mercy.

Balor & Jordan Clash

This was another pretty unpredictable match of the night, but the storyline of Jason Jordan getting to pick his matches as son of the general manager continues. This actually ended up being a very entertaining match; both superstars are extremely athletic and put on a show for the crowd. Who will Jason Jordan face off against next?  I don’t expect Jordan and Balor to meet again based on Balor’s rise after he embarrassed “The Eater of Worlds” (Bray Wyatt) at SummerSlam. RAW must run with the momentum Balor created bringing out the Demon King.

Cena Joins RAW clashes with Miz

The return of Cena to RAW was another one of my predicted outcomes following SummerSlam, but I wasn’t sure how RAW was going to plug him in. This was a weird way in my opinion. They brought Cena to the ring to eventually clash with Roman Reigns, but then they both got put into a tag match versus Miz/ Samoa Joe. I will definitely be watching over the next couple weeks to figure out where the writers are going with this one.  Even though it was very confusing on who Cena is actually clashing with it did seem in victory Cena and Reigns were still very divided; so maybe they will clash at No Mercy for title of “Big Dog” of RAW. This is every fan boys dream one on one match up no matter how much the WWE universe boos. These two titans have never faced each other one on one and it should be very entertaining consider both have had legendary matches in their careers.

This concludes this edition of the RAW Recap with El Jefe; as always hit me up on twitter @millironeljefe if you want to discuss anything about the WWE or sports in general. You can also tell me why my theories are dumb on twitter or in the comment section below

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Thank you maniacs see you next week!

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