Countdown to Kickoff: 7 Days

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7. Ohio State’s seven Heisman trophies ties them with Notre Dame and USC for the most of all time. The Buckeyes also have the distinction of having the only two-time Heisman trophy winner in Archie Griffin. The school has a history of great athletes and legendary players. If all goes well this year, Ohio State could take the lead for themselves with eight Heisman trophies. JT Barrett is currently on the short list of Heisman trophy favorites this season, and at the very least should find himself with an invitation to Manhattan at the end of the year. Already one of the most prolific quarterbacks in OSU history, bringing home the top award in college football would cement his legacy as one of the greatest Buckeyes ever. He has the skills and a talented, albeit relatively unproven, supporting cast to do it. If he lives up to his potential this could be a special season for the Buckeyes.

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